Friday, January 9, 2009

Smile for the birdie

I adore those fat little birds that look like marshmallows standing on a couple of toothpicks. This one was roosting on a wire in my back garden the other day.

And Louise Body, a wonderful wallpaper designer, makes a pattern called "Garden Birds" that I'm very fond of.

And this little beauty was making quite a plea for my breakfast when I was lucky enough to go to the Serengeti last year.

We have two kittens, so birds aren't an option for our family at this time.  But bird FEET are.

Made of gunmetal-plated pewter, they're a perfect combination of morbid and adorable (at least I think so).  And perched contentedly on my windowsill, they just make me chuckle.


Laura said...

I am giving everyone in my family a pair of those bird feet! We grew up with some very bird-hungry cats and found various bird parts in the back garden more than once. It would be nice to have some pewter ones instead.

Jill said...

Macabre little bird feet...definitely a conversation cat would be so disappointed thinking that was all that's left.

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa -

I have been enlightened about your blog via Heather at Habitually Chic...she is too fun!!

First, your embroideries are amazing! I love the slow, rhythmic pace of embroidering - it takes me back to a simpler time.

But this post makes me smile because of those silly bird feet!!!

they are weirdly neat

pve design said...

I would buy a box of peeps and give those chicks some legs. Do you have peeps there, I will send you a box when the season begins. Bright yellow or pink....
marshmallow, sugary melt in your mouth -yum.

pve design said...

...or you could serve chicken muggets to your guests on those. tee hee.

Jill said...

pve's comment is devilishly cool!

nest of posies said...

these made me smile as well!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Perhaps I could throw a Surrealist-themed dinner and use PVE's chicken-nugget idea.

Or even better, just serve them like that to my son for dinner tonight!


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