Thursday, January 22, 2009

Embroidery: The Fabulous Mitch

("The Fabulous Mitch", 1999, embroidery floss on burlap)

*Caveat:  I am in the process of restitching the piece onto a new 
background, hence the wrinkles and occasional loose thread.  
My apologies to purists.*

This week's embroidery is a portrait I did of my friend Mitch.  I met her when we lived in London years ago, in the era of "Cool Britannia", when both Blur and Blair were gods.  She and my husband worked at the same music company together and Mitch took us under her wing and made sure we knew everybody worth knowing.

Malcolm Gladwell would call Mitch a classic Connector.  She's one of those people with an extraordinary knack for bringing people together.  Show up at a party she was throwing and you'd meet everyone from rock royalty to England's top media elite to the best pasty-maker in Hampstead.  Possessed with boundless energy and a radiant spirit , she charms everyone she meets because -- rarest of qualities -- she is genuinely interested in everyone.

My brain short-circuits to think how extensive her network of friends is now that she has moved on from London and settled in Ibiza.  Given her proclivity for making friends,  I am confident that her future world domination is only a few killer smiles away. 


Ms. Katee/e-polishblog said...

I know what you mean about people who are "connectors". I always wish I had people skills like that! Not that I don't have people skills, because I do. But people like that are just special and different.

pve design said...

You certainly know how to keep someone in stitches.
Beautiful work. What an honor to your fabulous friend.

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa -

A wonderfully captured, marvelously stitched, portrait of someone, who sounds like a real keeper of a friend.

connections never end

Laura said...

Everyone needs a friend like this...they're quite unique people...difficult to find. You're so lucky to have her!

So Lovely said...

Let me start by saying. I love your needlework and your fabulous friend's boots! She looks like a hoot. And an Aussie to boot (sorry about the pun). But then I biased about the Australasians.

Teri said...

You should post some photos of your beautiful London mews house. I've been listening to Oasis non-stop since I read your post.

Morgan said...

I LOVE your work! Do you have a web site with more pieces?? I would love to do a post on you!


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