Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Novel seating

When I made my pilgrimage to Charleston House in England last summer, bohemian home and meeting place to artists, intellectuals and eccentric friends of the Bloomsbury Group, I was completely enchanted by the Penguin deck chair sitting in front of the gift shop.
The Divine Italian and the Little Prince (aka The Little Pill) made good use of it while I took the docent-led tour of the house.  Try as I might, I was unable to convince either of them of the splendors that lay within. (Oh, the heresy!)  So while I and a gaggle of cardiganed pensioners tiptoed around the house in a fever of excitement, they whiled away the time munching on ice lollies on top of Virginia Woolf.

Well, I'm finally ready to purchase a cluster of them.  I love the idea of looking outside and seeing such literary giants as Graham Greene, Katherine Mansfield and Raymond Chandler huddled in conversation together on my lawn.  Available here, and they now ship to the US.


Style Court said...

Lisa, just wanted to let you know how much I continue to enjoy your original and colorful posts! Such a charming chair.

JMW said...

I love these chairs! Especially "A Room of One's Own." As English majors, my husband and I will have to purchase a couple of them.


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