Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Times

Usually we travel over Christmas.  We overpack our suitcases, stop off briefly in frigid Michigan to see my family and pick up a rotovirus or two, then usually keep flying east until we land somewhere in equally chilly Europe.  We can always count on at least one delayed flight, lost luggage somewhere along the way, and severe jet lag which ends the day before we return home.  Fun.

This year, we decided to stay home.  But everything was so relaxing and calm that I decided I didn't have enough chaos in my life.  So I invited the neighborhood over for a night of holiday caroling.  That day, Piero and Luca watched "Fred Claus" while I decorated the tree and followed their directives on where to hang the ornaments.
It was a small tree.  I'm not a huge Christmas person anymore (maybe because I'm not a huge Christian anymore; my travels east have led me on a new path) so I had to run out to Pier One at the last minute and buy some red and gold balls.  I threw a single strand of lights on it and called it a day.
Luca was psyched.  Piero was more gripped by the antics of Vince Vaughn.
Then I got a whole tableful of sugar ready for the kids.  The game plan was we'd practice our songs once here and then they could all fill up a goody bag of treats and we'd hit the streets.  I had a cauldron of mulled wine for the adults and one of hot chocolate for the kids -- you know, just in case they didn't have enough sugar.
Look at those little cherubs.  Lovely, lovely little creatures, each and every one.  
Five minutes after this photo was taken, their blood sugar soared through the chimney and all hell broke loose.  I take full and total responsibility.  Next year, I'll be stocking the table with low-glycemic foods like chickpeas, celery, bulgur and hummus.  


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I adore these pictures, your red lampshades, and your book posts.

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Better yet, rather than be one of your sheep, child sounds good to me. Did I hear the word, s u g a r?

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