Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Northern Exposure

We recently rented a 17th century manor house in Scotland that appeared so forbidding as we drove up to it that we wouldn't have blinked twice if the ghost of William Wallace had welcomed us at the front door.  

But inside, it was a different story.  Obviously, the unrelentingly cold weather outside had driven generations of previous owners toward a fierce love of color in their interiors.  While my son and his little friends ran around looking photogenic, I spent most of my time aiming my camera down at the floor and trying to keep everyone's feet out of the way.  The rugs, oh, the rugs!  They were tattered and threadbare and pure perfection.  

And despite the ancestral portraits of grim matrons in mourning wear and neck ruffs gazing disapprovingly down at me...

...I knew that anyone who had chosen this fiery palette had to have had some fire burning within as well.  A postscript:  When I went through my photos later, I found them dotted with small apparitions.  Even now, I shudder.

(All photos taken at Gargunnock House, Scotland)


pve design said...

I must have lived there in my last life.
Eccentric, tattered and well loved.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous house. I adore that country house look, best enjoyed with a warm cardigan!

ps I love the cherry blossom wallpaper in you home, is it by an american designer?

ALL THE BEST said...


Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

To "two hippos", the wallpaper in the foyer is by Clarence House. It's called "Flowering Quince" and was designed by Kazumi Yoshida.

Britt said...

Your blog is lovely, lovely lovely! This will definitely be a regular stop for me!

JMW said...

What a wonderful vacation! And, those rugs are fabulous. We honeymooned in Ireland and I'm dying to go to Scotland next time we make our way over the pond.

JMW said...
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Style Court said...

I agree about the blazing colors. I think you might enjoy the winter edition of Hali magazine. I hope to do some posts from it next week! You've spurred me on.

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