Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Odd praise

I just ordered this book online.  It came out recently in the UK, and is available from Amazon USA's independent booksellers.  The author, Henry Hemming, is a bit of an eccentric himself. (Intrigued?  You can read an extract of the book on his website.)  He features profiles of such one-offs as the "half-Byronic, half-moronic" memoirist Sebastian Horsley...

...the living goddess Vivienne Westwood......

...and Britain's most infamous aristocrat (the one who's had 75 wifelets), the Marquess of Bath. No taking his secrets to the grave for him -- he has bravely chosen to release his autobiography, "Strictly Private", online, free to one and all.

I especially love Henry Hemming's book cover as our family also has a penchant for garden gnomes.  We took our most recent adoptee with us to San Luis Obispo on our Madonna Inn weekend.  

He was a wonderful help with the luggage.
Unfortunately, he met a sudden demise a few weeks ago when he slipped out of my loving grasp and lost his footing (literally).  R.I.P. Torleif.


pve design said...

I should have "gnome" you would have one of those little helpers.

Style Court said...

I love those shots of your family gnome :)

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I miss him.

JMW said...

I love that you have gnomes! My brother bought me a University of Kentucky gnome a few years ago (my alma mater) and this Christmas he bought a mate for Mr. UKY, Mrs. UKY. Too funny!

Jessica Claire said...

reminds me of Amelie- how perfectly odd yet delightful!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I think we may need to adopt another one soon. They're such good companions, and Torleif had very refined manners -- he always held the door open for me!

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