Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liquid dreams

So far, my son evinces none of the gustatory passion that my husband and I had hoped he would.  His culinary tastes range from Midwestern to solidly middle-of-the-road.  I can live with the fact that he doesn't like sushi or tempura or udon or hummous or cottage cheese (even though all his friends do).  But the kid won't even set spoon near soup.  Sometimes I think, how could I have given birth to someone who doesn't like soup?  It practically defines me.  The sad truth is that despite the valiant and continual efforts of my husband and I to expand the Little Prince's repertoire, we have made zero headway on the broth front.

But sometimes ideas lie deep and dormant, waiting for the right time to blossom.  So it was heartening to discover him playing with his friend Ava one afternoon when we were in Normandy this past summer.  They had stolen away to the children's manor house on the grounds of our chateau.
As I not-so-surreptitiously approached, the crunchy gravel amplifying my delicate footsteps into the sounds of a herd of buffalo, they didn't even look up, so intent were they on whipping up their batch of...
...flower soup.
It's a start, right?


jezebel said...

Oh, magic! When I was small I set out butterfly catching with a net and a bucket of water. Pools, ponds, fish bowls- the junior league instinctively knows that water is transformative, I think.

Glenda said...

Ya just never know do ya.

How sweet to find them being creative. My son is still a picky eater at 22, sorry had to let you know it may never change.

But there still may be hope.


Fargerike Dagny said...

How can you not like soup? The flower soup does actually look kind of beautiful in some strange way. Definitly magic!

The Curious Intellect said...

The flower soup is lovely!

Well, I absolutely detested mushrooms and mustard growing up. The mushroom hatred subsided as an adult and they are now one of my favorites. The mustard, however, is still an issue but one that I'm constantly trying to overcome. I will only tolerate the whole grain variety.

Here's to hoping that your son gradually accepts - or simply tries - new foods as he ages.

hmstrjam said...

much better than any normal soup!

So Lovely said...

When my little sister was young, she hated ANYTHING and EVERYTHING green. She is now a vegetarian, and eats mostly green things. There is hope.

pve design said...

I was raised on soup and we had many a soup for dinner. I met my husband and despite my true love for him, soup does not qualify as a meal, it is merely a "starter." What about adding things to your wee lads soup, alphabet noodles or even consider upping the ante on the serving vessel. Boats, Bread boats, wooden bowls. Keep us posted.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

PVE: You could be onto something. Last weekend my husband made him pastaccina (teeny star-shaped pasta) with roast chicken and then added a suspicion/soupcon of broth over it. He ate half of it! Our plan is to keep adding broth until one night it actually becomes soup.

Love the vessel idea...hadn't thought of that. Bread boats!!!

Anonymous said...

Just the most idilic setting for flower soup! Don't dispare, my 12 year old has only just started to eat soup this year! Yep 2009, there is always hope.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Two hippos: I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Style Court said...

Intensely charming post Lisa! Your images -- and words -- are magical.

MIMILEE said...

What an absolutely endearing and magical post. Your son is precious! Leave the boy alone and he will "grow into" a love for soup! The flower soup looks divine!

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa - I am in love with the stone play house, how much fun we would have had as children with that!

My youngest brother would ONLY eat cheesburger and fries for lunch and dinner...spoiled rotten youngest of eight and my Momma catered to him. Guess what? He eats most everything now.

lots of chow

ALL THE BEST said...

A 'Soup on Sunday' recipe perhaps?

Our son is 11 and we went through the very same thing! And, as you know from my blog, I LOVE soup!

The turnaround came when I made him potato cheddar soup with loads of crusty bread for dipping! It's thick and cheesy - every child's dream. From there I began to expand...but it's been a long process.

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