Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life = Style

Some of the fundamentals for living a happy life are just as relevant when it comes to adding a little style to your home. Here are a few I especially believe in.

Our homes shouldn't be trophies, they should be places for freedom of expression. Nothing is more intimidating than a perfect space because entering it feels like an intrusion -- there's no room for you in it. I find that I gravitate to spaces that are a little untidy but are warm and comfortable and filled with energy and ideas.
(Photo by Ivan Terestchenko)

(Photo by Ivan Terestchenko)

* * * * *

Forget about what your neighbors will think. A house filled with eccentricity and passion is much more interesting than one that looks like a real estate brochure with all traces of personality hidden away.  If something makes your heart skip a beat, buy it.
(Photo by Simon Watson)

(Photo by Simon Watson)

Depth can also apply to what lies beneath the surface, as in layers of history that are revealed over time. There is a poeticism and a profundity to old things. We don't always have to reseal, repaint and restore them. 
(Photo by Simon Brown)

(Photo by Simon Brown)

* * * * *

Your house is where you go to be yourself. If you need a quiet refuge where you can soothe your senses and recharge your emotional battery, then create one. 

(Photo by Ivan Terestchenko)

If, on the other hand, you desire a space that's a backdrop for high-spirited exuberance, then by all means do that. Mark your territory. Tap into whatever makes you feel most alive.

(Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna)

* * * * *

Where have I been the last two weeks?
On Part One of a great adventure, that's what.
It has to do with the design book I'm writing that has been consuming my life and my heart and my every waking moment these last six months...and will be for months to come.

Everything is top-secret still, but what I can tell you is that top French photographer Ivan Terestchenko has been in Los Angeles and we have been very busy.*
(Ivan on location)


* * * * *

*A shout-out to my personal on-call barista (aka my husband) and to my son who has eaten cold cereal for dinner lately more than I care to admit. 


Lily said...

A collaboration between you and Ivan Terestchenko? How utterly fabulous!! I cannot wait to see the results!

pve design said...

You are one part virtual treasure chest. A sunken one.
Cannot wait to see what you have to share.

Dash said...

Hear here. Two of my faourite bloggers, a collaboration.

I can't wait to see what you have both been up to.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Can't wait for the book.

My house is full of piles and stuff everywhere and while it isn't zen one of the best compliments have been my neighbours kids - every time they come over they love going through my things and ask what everything is and I have been told by by them that they love my house and it is so interesting. And while their parents may have a different take on it I must say it is one of the best compliments I have ever gotten about my home.

The Centric Home said...

The art of Wabi Sabi! We all need to remember what you have brilliantly written. Thank you!

Karena said...

Dear Lisa
I love this post. A wonderful reminder to us all. I hope you will visit and see my message to my blog friends.

Love and Hugs
Art by Karena

Simple Good Beautiful said...

What a great tease! Now I really can't wait for your book, and I will line up to get my autographed copy!


Emily said...

Your 1st paragraph, "Our homes should not be trophies" described EXACTLY how I feel. Loved every word Lisa. Boy, I cannot wait for your book!

vicki archer said...

Perfect points for decorating and living life... I love these rooms you have featured here Lisa, for their quirks and their feeling of a 'life well lived'... Sometimes it's hard to make the difference between decor 'mess' and decor 'fabulous'... I think the difference comes when the homes are created with passion...

Can't wait for your book either... very exciting... xv

helen tilston said...

Looking forward to reading your book. I love your taste in decor and your choice of hotels when you travel.

Mooki said...

What a cool blog,for once something different !
Lovely :)

Donna Benedetto said...

What a fabulous post...and congrats to you...looking forward to hearing more about your good news!

Willow said...

Very much loved this post ...and I have already gone and shared it ...wonderful !

teamgloria said...

glorious........can't wait to see your book!

do hope there's a lovely evening at book soup to celebrate?

or tea in the courtyard by the colonnade at chateau marmont (going to be there tomorrow morning for breakfast - tis The Birthday Day)

beautiful pictures.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

You and Ivan, Wow!

Deana Sidney said...

I look forward to your book after finding your blog. All of the sentiments you've expressed here are so fine and true... with great pictures! Bravo.

Ann Knickerbocker said...

Agree with all the observations you make... yes, a night at Book Soup when the book comes out? I love the one photograph of the portrait of the lady in the wimple with the faces of the statues lying in front... worthy of a painting!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Lisa..I am in! Every word, every photo..speaks to me. I would love to put your book at the top of my coffee table 'pile'. It's waiting...
Jeanne xx

Helen James said...

cannot wait for your book and the fact that you are working with Ivan makes it even more exciting. your individual lens on the world in a book oh joy!

quintessence said...

So envious of your time with Ivan. I own two of his prints - still unframed I'm afraid. Waiting for the epiphany of how to do them justice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. love all of these.
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