Monday, February 18, 2013

Take Your Life to Eleven

I know you are like me.
I know you want to squeeze as much out of this crazy ol' life as you can.
And so this post is for you, but also for me.
Because I wanted to write this whole design thing for you this week but I just couldn't get it together so I'm confessing and telling you straight out that things are kind of a little bit insane right now.
It's busy out there.
And I know I'm not the only one.
Aren't you busy?
Hasn't 2013 been really busy so far?

So what do you do to tackle your challenges besides getting decent sleep, eating what's good for you, and trying to take life one day, one hour, one minute at a time?

Here's what you do.

You tell yourself that you will never regret giving it your all, but you might regret giving it your some. 

You tell yourself why stop at ten when you can go one louder?

You tell yourself why be an echo when you can be a voice? 

Why wait for validation when you can fill the meter yourself?

Why waste time trying to be perfect when your flaws are what make you interesting?

Why wait for your life to get better by chance when you can make it better by change?

Why listen to your head when you can listen to your guts?

Why let other people define for you what powerful is?

Why be afraid to fail if that's the quickest way to improve?

Why compare your beginning to someone else's middle?

Why put your key to happiness in someone else's pocket?

Why wait one more minute when you can start right now?

I think I feel better.
Do you?


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

There's some wonderful new embroidery projects here! Not that I mean to add another thing to your list!

Janelle said...

JUST what i needed to read right now! BRILLIANT. THANKS! going to re read it again....x j

Alison said...

Yes, I do feel better, thank you! Sometimes you just need something which makes you stop and think...!

WeirdRockStar said...

This post needed to become a bookmark in itself.

Veronica Roth said...

Yes, feeling better. Thank you. :)

Unknown said...

i do feel better. I need a good kick in the pants sometimes :) Or if i'm listening to this message, i need to give myself that kick!

Unknown said...

This post is proof of serendipity. Thanks!

Sandra Sallin said...

Just perfect. Wonderful boost for the week, and it was posted on a Tuesday.


donna baker said...

Just when I thought of asking the Doctor tomorrow for Xanax, I read your post. Perfect for me right now.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel better; I feel like I've just been guilt-tripped for not being perfect and productive every g-d minute of every g-d day. I like the pretty pictures better without the inane commentary track.

Sunday Taylor said...

Oh, I did need this! Thank you, Lisa, for inspiring me to push and take it all on, rather than be overwhelmed. I am less overwhelmed and calmer after reading your wonderful post. I see another book in your future, of the self-help genre.
xx Sunday

noreen said...

i feel great! let's go!

Melanie J Watts said...

This is Great. I love every word, and picture.

helen tilston said...

I love "why stop at 10 when you can go to 11"

The images of Lucca are fabulous, he is certainly giving it his all. He looks like he can play a guitar too?

At the risk of giving you more work, may I gently suggest you record Lucca so we can hear him

Helen xx

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I just came home from my very full time job, made dinner for my daughter and son in law, and then pulled out an illustration I've been asked to contribute to a book. I've worked on it for about 4 weeks and only last night at 9:00 did I finally have the breakthrough in the design. My eyes are spasming, my wrist has carpal tunnel, and all I want to do is make popcorn and watch Real Housewives of somewhere. But my dream of being an artist is MY dream and I am the only one who can fulfill it, and for now, this is the only way I can do it. Thank you for letting me know that for someone who makes it look effortless (you), that you struggle with fitting it all in, too!

vicki archer said...

Are you reading my mind Lisa..?? :)
I am glad I am not the only one who sometimes feels out of control... who takes too much on... Still.... I guess I wouldn't have it any other way... xv

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I admire YOUR fitting it all in - i've neglected my blog as of late but you've kept to your weekly schedule. I really should do the same!

Miss Bibliophile said...

Thanks for these words of inspiration. I'll be bookmarking this to revisit in the future.

Michele said...

Thank you - I needed that today.

teamgloria said...

why wait when "Just Begin" could be one's impetus to be glorious?

delicious post.

feel all empowered and happy.

brava, lady. as always.


24 Corners said...

A most definite YES! So overwhelmed, so tired...not taking care of myself, which makes me more tired...too much stress and not giving it my all (to myself) right now...just the 'some' this was the perfect read...thank you so much!

Here's to 11!!!
xo J~

(Luca's rocking it out!) said...

Busy...YES that is why it took me 3 days to even read this! Better late then never & I am SO glad I did. I think you wrote it just for me...really hit the mark...every last line, especially about starting out & not comparing your start to someone else's middle.
Thank you Lisa...will re-read this one as needed!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I feel 4 billion times better now, thank you!!!!! xxo

Unknown said...

These pictures are exceptional! Did you take them yourself? Cute kid :)

Check out my adventure travel blog if you can!

The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...

Awesome inspirations - they will be printed up and laminated to meditate by on a daily basis! Thank you for your wonderful blog! XOX, Cynthia

pve design said...

I do think 11 is far better than being a 10.
Your 11 year old looks really happy.

shiree segerstrom said...

I watched the movie The Hours and it made me think of you. It was after that genre of artists you named your blog right? Vanessa Bell, et al? Shiree'

Lily said...

As always I love the juxtaposition of the old world portraits with the new, and the wisdom gleaned from the comparison! That seems to be your signature style and it always works, and after these few years (5!) following your blog, I am still learning! Thanks Lisa...


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