Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Image Eaters

You are an image eater.
Pretty pictures feed your soul.
A room aglow with the poetic remnants of a winter sun can sustain you for days.
(Photograph by Sandra Lane from World of Interiors.)

You are an image eater.
You troll the internet like a restless shark, devouring inspiration for nourishment.
An ancient room with a dimpled stone wall, a primitive painting and a curvy red piece of confidence is nothing less than visual protein.
(Photograph by Sandra Lane from World of Interiors.)

You are an image eater.
Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are weightless repositories for your passions. 

You collect.
You gather.
You sort.
You assemble.
You pare.
You save.
You keep.

And it's not just you.
Bit by bit, we are all piecing together our lives.

We are image eaters.
(Collage made with Picasa.)


Unknown said...

I admit it! It's all true. A jungle to get lost in, a kaleidoscope, a lifeline of sorts. I am an image vampire....

Sandra Sallin said...

The top image reminds me of Vermeer. So soothing yet so rich. Love the kaleidoscope. The red chair, Matisse?Braque. So many refrencess, so many memories.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Well, when you put it that way I supposed I am and am a rather indiscriminate omnivore. But images from the World of Interiors always seems to lower my blood pressure.

Deana Sidney said...

It can be somewhat addictive, can't it? I come by collecting images honestly –– I use them for presentations for my job. But now we have images on steroids what with pinterest people with 100,000 images in their collections. I wonder, do we loose sensitivity after a while?

I agree with Coulda... WOI lowers my blood pressure too. Their images over the decades remain some of the best in the business. Wow.

lsellers said...

Images eaters, yes. More, please.

alice c said...

I accept this diagnosis and am coping with my disorder by immersion therapy. I am hoping that it takes many, many sessions.

(I absolutely love this blog post - thank you)

ebkriley said...

Loved this! There is something so mesmerizing about just looking at a detailed image. It is like getting lost, a little, like a bit of a dream. Relaxing, yet also mentally stimulating.

Emily said...

I could nosh and nosh my way through tasty visual buffets for days. My hunger is always satisfied when I stop at A Bloomsbury Life.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I love this! How clever to put our voracious visual appetites into words and illustrate them with such luscious images. We are indeed omage eaters and it is marvelous that it can be so. The age of communication ..... and messages. Minerva ~

Slim Paley said...


Slim Paley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Slim Paley said...

I did not mean to say "indeed" twice, like an old person :-)

teamgloria said...


Kathleen said...

you have described me perfectly...

24 Corners said...

Brilliant as usual Lisa! I finally gave in to 'pinning' a couple of weeks ago...and I have of course been gorging, being new to the 'buffet' and all. Now my visual pants are getting tight, and I don't see a diet in my near future...seems I'm gonna have to go a size up.
Happy Easter!
xo J~

Dumbwit Tellher said...

There should be a 9-step program for those of us that can't get enough. I love the label of 'image eater' as this kind of diet is not of the fattening kind. You are always so clever Lisa!!

Hoping your Easter was a happy one?

Rosaria Williams said...

Glad to meet you, Lisa. And yes, your first line got me in the door.

Susan S said...

Boy, did you hit the nail on the head! Now, what should we call this addiction? Hmm, I'm too tired from looking at all the images to be clever. ;)

noreen said...

exactly. mostly the images i look at are in nature - outside. or maybe the faces of my family and students, or older folks. but yes, the beauty of photographs feeds me. art is that way. thanks for sharing some sustenance. best of luck with your book prep!

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