Monday, December 3, 2012

The Anti-Holiday Gift Guide

Last week's post was for those of you who were motivated to do a little early holiday shopping.

This week's post is for those of you who are still languishing in a carbohydrate haze from Thanksgiving and haven't even begun to wrap your head around the fact that it's the first week of December.

Below, ten great reasons to procrastinate a little bit longer.

10. You haven't finished that T Magazine design article on Julia Muggenburg.

9. You're reading your horoscope.
(Via Tory Burch blog. HERE.)

Happy Birthday, adventurous Sag! You are always seeking excitement and new experiences. The most exciting days for you this month are December 11th to 13th, which is the new moon. Do something wild!
Mars is still in your sign and will join Pluto on November 27th, the day before the eclipse of the moon. Plan to meet with people in positions of power.
Aquarian power dates are December 15th to 17th, which are perfect days to get together with friends. You will feel unusually social.
Pisces are naturally kind. Your days to give are November 21st and 22nd, which happens to be Thanksgiving. Perfect time to open your home and your heart.
Aries is the sign of the self and you have to focus on yourself — it’s your destiny. On December 7th and 8th, you will be rocked by someone else. Hold on for a wild ride.
Taurus and Scorpio are the signs of money and November 27th will be a money day for you. Be bold, and you’ll get what you want.
The full moon is in Gemini this month, but it’s not just an average ol’ full moon; it’s an eclipse of the moon on November 28th. Define what you want to change, and it will happen.
Your sign loves to entertain family and friends. The perfect weekend for a holiday party is December 1st and 2nd. Make it wholesome and homey.
Your power date is December 3rd, which is a perfect time to treat yourself with something you’ve never done before. You will want to break through a barrier.
Virgo craves efficiency and you have a couple of very operative days this month. Plan to reorganize your finances or speak to advisors on December 5th and 6th.
Libra is the sign of the diplomat or the negotiator. Your most persuasive day this month is December 8th. Whatever you want you will probably get on that day.
There is a big party of planets in your sign this month, which gives you even more power. And for extra Scorpio intensity, the moon joins them all from December 9th to 11th.

8. You're lost in that insanely fascinating article from Brainpickings on the daily routines of famous writers.
(E. B. White. Article HERE.)

7. You can't stop watching this Swingin' London fashion video.
(Click on arrow to play. Or click HERE.)

6.  The newest issue of The Lady just arrived.

5. You need Winston Churchill's six tips for a successful life, and you need them now.

4. You're making Nigella's lemon polenta cake.
(Recipe HERE.)

3. You're curious to discover exactly how many of the London Guardian's top 1000 novels you've read. 
(Article HERE.)

2. You just read this article about 21st century brain overload and need to close your eyes.

1. You absolutely cannot deal with holiday season parking lots.
 (Click arrow to play video. Or click HERE.)


Karena said...

Too much Lisa; I love it and The Whole Foods Parking lot just topped it off!


Unknown said...

Hahahaa! What a wonderful procrastination list. You're always so clever and witty. Happy holidays to all you bam humbugs out there!

Veronica Roth said...

LOL, well there you go, I'm a Cancer and my ideal entertaining weekend just blew by in a haze of trans-atlantic flights and jet-lag. Oh well. In my British home for Xmas now and I'll have to create a new ideal weekend to see all our friends. :)

Emily said...

Cream of the crop list as usual Lisa!

Thank goodness my Whole Foods parking lot in the small Denver suburb I live in is not LA crazy! I'm there at least twice a week. Hilarious stuff Lisa!

Thanks for introducing me to The Lady.

And, how many books have you read from the greatest 1000 list?

quintessence said...

Well now all of the above - thanks...

Jennifer C. Webb said...

brilliant. Heading back to explore brainpickings and The Lady.

littleaugury said...

all of the above-

JudyMac said...

Wish I had time to sit and study the list of 1,000 books. Alas, the time it would take I would rather spend reading the current book at hand. For some of the writers ... although I do not make it a habit, in some cases I will have read all the books they have written. For example, I read all of the Ian Fleming/James Bond books many, many moons ago. Same goes for Ian McEwan.

JudyMac said...

P. S. Lisa, I don't find one of our favorite books on the list .... I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson, which, in my opinion, would certainly qualify for the travel category. Don't you agree?

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Judy Mac:

I think the list is just novels, otherwise it would certainly qualify!! xx

Some but not all. :) xx

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Once again I'm ignoring the whole thing, except for chorales and seasonal things like candles, fires, and indoor narcissus. Each year it gets more refreshing.

Hels said...

Re: You're making Nigella's lemon polenta cake.

My husband was not a good cook in his younger decades, but a few years ago he discovered Nigella in her tv programmes. Now he is in the kitchen all the time, drooling over Nigella and cooking up whatever she recommends.

lamb and blonde said...

I'm definitely in the waiting-until-the-last-minute-to-shop camp--mainly because my partner is that way, and I'm more concerned with the food, drinks, decorating, etc.

Thanks for a fun read, and for the lemon polenta cake link.

Happy holidays!

The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...

Thanks, Lisa, for helping me procrastinate just a little longer! I was actually trying to put together a gift list when I read your post - lots of fun! XO, Cynthia

the quarter rat said...

The Wholefoods video made my day - I just got back from the one in Princeton, NJ (I'm on deployment for Hurricane Sandy).


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