Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Daze

You know those mornings where it's almost unbearable to even think of leaving your house? From the moment you first open your eyes, you pray that the mere act of getting out of bed is the most Herculean task that awaits you all day.  You desire nothing more than to relax, read, rest and not once open the front door. 

Monday was one of those days.  

And for once, the world conspired with me.  My husband decided to forego his million mile bike ride and instead take a trip to Whole Foods to purchase provisions for an early supper.  He bustled about the kitchen, humming and cooking...

...and whipped up some mussels meuniere, a dish at which he's becoming remarkably adept. I know I've posted about mussels before, but I just can't get enough of them. Thank goodness we were alone. My ladylike graces went straight out the window and I devoured them with the grim intensity of a sumo wrestler preparing for battle.

Peace prevailed in other areas as well.  My son spent most of the afternoon with his nose stuck in a book, instead of as a blurry object racing from room to room.  
I had to keep peeking my head around the kitchen door to make sure I wasn't dreaming. But there he was, motionless, enmeshed in the continuing adventures of "Bone." Ardent bibliophile that I am, I felt I could die happy knowing my passion for reading may possibly continue on in him.  

Lastly, even the creatures great and small in our household behaved themselves.

Fellini, the unrepentant sensualist who has to be front and center of everything, remained front and center.

Twiglet, the cat with the personality of a skittish mouse/anxious vicar/stammering wallflower, stopped long enough to pose before rushing off to the comfort of a dark corner.

And despite my entreaties to partake of the sunshine, Percy the wonder sheep stayed indoors, although I did open the dutch door so he could get some fresh air.  


Amy said...

After several delightful weeks of ravenously consuming your blog, I finally have to compliment you on your exquisitely composed blog. Not only do you have a heavenly writer's voice, and an enviable vocabulary, but you have an uncanny gift at elevating everything you describe to near divine status. I'm not sure if this is a result of impeccable taste or unnerving persuasive abilities, but either way your blog is relentlessly enjoyable and the ultimate inspiration for my own blogging pursuits. Thank you for offering such a charming, lovely blog- it truly brightens my day every time I read it!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

After reading the above comment.......Do I need to say more??? God, you're GOOD!!! From what planet are you for heaven's sake! ;-) xx
Now go and write your book!!

Glenda said...

I love lazy days such as yours. I live for those days.

What a sweetheart your hubby is to cook that early supper. Looks like there was inner peace throughout.


Lee said...

What a blissful day at home...and so beautifully described by you. Makes me want to not open my front door for a day or two.

columnist said...

You have a talent to amuse, and your description is very inspirational. Mine seems to have departed recently, but it's encouraging to be on this side of yours! Note to self: "must try harder"!

Now after my 90 minutes at the gym, and a shower, and a read of your blog, it's time for a cocktail. Well, it's nearly 6.30 pm, so the sun is very much over the yard arm. Cheers!

pve design said...

That is what I love most about month's with R's.
Reading, and eating shellfish and roaming about and elevating "slothdom" to an artful and envious status.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Sounds like bliss!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

AmyTheMag: My goodness. MY GOODNESS. Thank you so much for your own "exquisitely composed" comment. I will do my best to continue to live up to your words!! xxx

Jill said...

What a fabulous day!

Laura said...

I cannot think of a more perfect day. And that is so wonderful that your son is such an avid consumer of the written word! I could not agree more with the comments above, you are such a gifted writer.

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa -

Ditto to all the written words above.

in love

Claire said...

I have been 'lurking' for awhile but had to comment on this entry. I couldn't describe a more perfect day. I too am a home-body especially when it's gray and miserable outside (which is a fair amount of the time here in the uk!)

hmstrjam said...

love the kitties

Sharka said...

The wall paper in your house is just astonishing. The thistle paper behind your son leaves me... speechless. You have some eye! And fresh approach to design. I love it!


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