Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Princess Awaits

It's a perfect Sunday.  The rain continues to pelt down, turning our haven in Hollywood into a cinematic version of  "Wuthering Heights." It's all about moody glamour today.  The trees droop like sulky supermodels, the rain gutters chatter ceaselessly with plinks and drops, and my two little Heathcliffs (Jr. and Sr.) have gone off to Griffith Park to hit some balls. Everything is damp except my spirits. Why? Because it's 11am and it's dark enough to light candles. Because the house is peaceful. Because I have free license to putter.  And because we had a dinner party last night and sitting in my fridge at this very moment is this:  

A leftover wedge of Sweet Lady Jane's inimitable Princess cake.  Yellow butter cake gently layered with pastry cream and raspberry preserves, cloaked in a dome of marzipan.  It's sunshine on a cloudy day.

Just knowing that the Princess is tucked safely away in the refrigerator is enough for me.  I can eat sparingly now without feeling deprived because I know that later this afternoon, a small slice of decadence awaits me. The anticipation of enjoying it is almost as satisfying as the actual eating. (I said almost.)

But of course, I must keep up a vigilant guard against Piero and Luca, my kitchen ruffians. They will undoubtedly return home starving and on a frenzied hunt for nourishment.  Those two have the appetites of Visigoths sacking Rome.  They don't taste, they merely swallow. If I don't quickly herd them toward a tasty alternative, my precious Princess cake will disappear down their bottomless gullets without a trace.  

On second thought, I think I'll eat my slice now.


Laura said...

Oh my god! I can't believe you have one of these princess cakes! Growing up in the Bay Area I used to work as a high school student at a wonderful bakery called La Farine. They made this exact same cake and until now I hadn't seen it anywhere since...I always used to have such a thing for marzipan so this was absolutely one of my favorites! Here's hoping the rains don't last too much longer for you...


Did you know that 'cake' is my favorite food group?

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa -

I am plugging in my ol' trusty percolator and will make us a couple of fabulous cups of just have to bring the cake!

for heavens sake

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.M.G,OMG....I think I go insane, I looooooove Marzipan!!!
And what a beautiful picture of it....(I like the plate as well).
And your description of the makes my mouth water.

pve design said...

let them eat cake...
that is,
if you don't devour it all first.

So Lovely said...

Oh Lisa - Sweet Lady Jane is my favorite. For me its the light sponge cake filled with fresh fruit and cream. So wonderful. The problem is the store is in close proximity and I can forever hear that slice of German Chocolate cake calling my name.
Its a Wellies Day today, I might add.


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