Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Fine Balance

This past Saturday night, The Little Prince invited one of his friends to sleep over.  All day long, Luca tried to contain his excitement and failed miserably.  

"Mom, what time is it now?" 
"1oam.  He'll be here in six hours."  
Ten seconds pass.  
"Mom, what time is it now?"

Tick.  Tick.  Tick.

At long last, the brass woodpecker on the front door heralded an arrival and Augie came whirling in. Suddenly, chaos was in blissful reign at The Kenmore Arms.  They dashed up to his bedroom and proceeded to methodically take it apart.  Bangs and thuds, punctuated by bursts of laughter, filled the air. I affected an air of nonchalance and tried to hum over it.

After dinner, I was informed there was an impromptu performance I needed to attend. Amps were plugged in. Windows were shut. Fingers were crossed that no neighbor was turning in early.  
After they brought down the house, it was time to make popcorn and engage in a vigorous discussion of where we would choose to travel if our beds were equipped with magic knobs.  

Then it was time to take a very close look at the whole situation.  
Then it was time to leap on the furniture, chase the cats, race each other upstairs, jump on the bed, not brush teeth, wriggle around under the covers, announce a dozen times they were going to stay awake all night, and then promptly fall asleep.  Then, all too soon, silence.  

It was 9:30 pm. 

The Divine Italian had gone on a grueling bicycle ride that morning and was snug in bed already. The night was mine.

As I settled in to read this book (which I'm obsessed with)...
...I thought to myself how apt the title was, as life was indeed just that, a fine balance. For most of my life, I've been convinced that happiness is self-determined, a result of reaching goals and keeping commitments.  Now I'm equally convinced that happiness lies in anarchy.  The more I relinquish my expectations, the more I open the door to experiencing something truly wonderful, like, say, the unholy screechings of two electric guitars.  


Devon said...

You know the best part about reading your blog? I don't really know you. But every time I read one of your entries, I think YES. That's it! What a perfect way of saying what I could only think.

I guess this was my way of saying that I loved your last paragraph.

Meg said...

This was a really sweet good I read it twice. Gorgeous house too by the way! ;)

Anonymous said...

You know??!!........I don't know! Just....well, I don't know....speechless perhaps???
Loved it!! Keep writing, keeeeep writing!!

gisette27 said...

That book was awesomely painful and honest. It's been a while since I read it, but I remember the bond the characters built and the melancholy of the young man at the end......I really need to read it again.

btw, I read your blog religiously.

AlwaysMe said...

Your blog reminded me of one of the true joys of motherhood. The best of both worlds in one day - something wonderful for your son that you had the pleasure of observing from a distance that will be locked in your heart forever. A good thing to remember when he turns 16...
Then you had time to yourself as an added bonus! What a great day!

look said...

My Mother always referred to life with children as "beautiful chaos"...there are 3 boys under 6 at my house and this is truly how I would describe our life.

Joslyn said...

this is perfection...exactly.

Laura said...

I love Bedknobs and Broomsticks! A wonderful movie that I had completely forgotten that I am an adult and all.

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa -

Unpredictability can bring you some of life's most precious moments, that with meticulous would so miss.

chaotic bliss

pve design said...

I continue to walk a tight-rope, balancing with a safety net down below, lest I falter over my words.

Jessica Claire said...

bed, take us to london

pixelimpress said...

ooh, i've got this on the nightstand. i'll put it first in queue.


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