Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Miscellany

This week, instead of creating, I'm curating. 
Below, ten random things I'm loving.

1. The übercool Edith Sitwell on meeting Marilyn Monroe, surviving Hollywood and why she dresses the way she does (feathered hats, massive jewelry, brocade robes).
(Here if video doesn't work.)

2. Martin Margiela for H&M. First come, first serve on November 15th. I'm stressing already. More from the look book HERE.

3. The Richard Burton Diaries. HERE. Wonder if Gwyneth knows Liz and Dick had a private cocktail called "Goop"?

(New York Times review HERE.)

4. The Gunton Arms in Norfolk. Really really really want to stay here someday.
(All photographs by Ivan Terestchenko. Rita Konig's wonderful article HERE.)

5. Ever wonder why TED speeches are so consistently brilliant? That's because every single speaker is handed these ten tips. 
(via HERE.)

6. The Karl Lagerfeld Diet book (complete with foldout diet poster!). Sure to be a future cult collector's item. I can't stop reading nuggets like this out loud in a German accent:

"I like the smell of chocolate and coffee. That is why there is chocolate in my home. Not for me to eat but because it fits in well with the color of my house in Biarritz."
"I wonder if I really need to exercise because when I dance I feel like I'm made of rubber."

"The height of luxury for me is to have an extra slice of toast. It's the most delicious thing in the world."

7. Because there's no such thing as too much Tavi. Excellent interview HERE.

8.  Somewhere, Jean-Paul Sartre is laughing. I think.
(HERE if video doesn't work.)

9. Just bought this. Am considering knitting Prince Harry (back row, third from right) au naturel. HERE.

10. Still miss Christopher Hitchens. HERE, his wife remembers.

(Photo by Dafydd Jones.)

A special shout-out to all my friends on the East Coast: Stay safe and brace.



pve design said...

Just the sort of amusing miscellany I needed on this eery Monday morning as we wait and ride out Stormy Sandra. I now want every word I utter to sound as sharp and eccentric as Edith.

Emily said...

The video of Edith Sitwell was such a treat to watch, and who knew there was a KL Diet book! The Royal Wedding knitted lil peeps....I'm still chuckling over, and over again!

Sneaky Magpie said...

Gunton Arms is one of my fav hotels, and Norfolk is delightful. Marvelous list. I found The Queen by Edith Sitwell in antique center and it's so beautifully written, it also inspired some of the craziest Tudor outfits my friend wears to parties.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

let's go , let's buy and above all others let's read.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The Gunton Arms. The Gunton Arms. The Gunton Arms!

I've been at the beach this weekend with a bunch of old friends, one of whom told the story last night of meeting Liz and Dick! Fascinating.

And with all I have to do at the moment.... NOW I simply MUST knitting me some Camilla!!

Loved your Martha article this month! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Dear, I've LAUGHED so hard with the Henri the cat videos...sooo funny!

wondrous oblivion said...

the cat video rocks!

noreen said...

knit the royal wedding and the ted commandments! wonderful! thanks for sharing, n

Sharron said...

What a delicious way to spend a morning reading through and watching your curated collection. Thoroughly enjoyed it and feel smarter and more clever for it!

Denise said...

It's always Liz's eyes that get the attention, but get a load of Burton's in that photo. I remember seeing Hitch at the LA Festival of Books, defending the Iraq War to a very unfriendly crowd. I miss that feisty, fearless (wrong-headed) contrarian too. Saving up the videos for later, thanks!

Linda said...

I'll tell you wonderful place to stay in the UK--the Abbey Hotel in Penzance. It is owned by Jean Shrimpton (the 60s model) and run by her son. A great fix for Anglophile romantics. I only regret I didn't see HER.

Kate @ Savour Fare said...

You are reading/have read Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, right? Richard Burton, Italy, 1962, legendary Hollywood producers, unknown starlets ...

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, and I watched that funny cat video.

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JudyMac said...

Just received my copy of Knit Your Own Royal Wedding which I picked up on eBay. I may not ever cast a stitch from this book (and I do know how to knit), but it is so much fun just to look at. For fans of the Windsors, this is a real jewel for your reading pleasure. Thanks for the tip!

24 Corners said...

This is so perfect Lisa as just last night I was reading about the Sitwell's, particularly Edith, in Beverely Nichols book 'The Sweet & Twenties'...he was buds with Osbert and had some (not enough in my opinion) interesting tidbits to share about them. Seeing this clip of her just now was like the icing on the cake of curiosity...thanks!

I'm now enamoured by the Guntan Arms and coveting their light fixtures, among other things...what an amazing place, I think it would be extremely difficult to leave once there!
xo J~

24 Corners said...

Oh my goodness! I meant to tell you in the previous comment that I just opened my new MSL and happily discovered and enjoyed your wonderful essay! It was spot on and helped me to remember how healing being creative actually is...just brilliant Lisa, well done...and congratulations!
xo J~

quintessence said...

What a great list - so much to put on my "must" lists!


Thanks Lisa, It is totally unique idea to spend a refreshing morning. Cat video is amazing! xo
~ Mehul
Architectural Stone

Unknown said...

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