Thursday, October 15, 2009

W Magazine, Part Five (The Finale)

A sincere thank you to everyone who has been reading my guest blogging posts for W magazine. They've asked me to come back in January for another gig and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Today's theme is all about wanderlust, a word so evocative of its meaning that, in my experience, it has been known to bring about the inescapable impulse to travel merely by uttering it aloud. Use it carefully.

Click HERE and have brilliant weekends, everyone.

(from "British Watercolors of the Eastern Mediterranean",
currently on display at the Huntington Library)


Laura said...

Hi Lisa - I've thoroughly enjoyed all your W posts, as well as your blog. Can't wait for more in the New Year!

Helen James said...

Congrats on the W posts they have been so engaging. I visited the Denis Severs house when I was in London a few weeks ago after reading your post, we did the candlelit tour on Mon night. Truly enchanting! although it was quite busy, there is something amazing in every nook and cranny and the man who runs the house is a total sweetheart too! look forward to the January installments

pve design said...

I look forward to meeting you in NY at the Bowery on your next jet-set jaunt.
Wonderful finale!

So Lovely said...

Sad its over. Really enjoyed the series. Thank you so much. xx

Anonymous said...
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