Sunday, October 6, 2013

You Know It's Fall When...

A bunch of gourds on a tray assume quasi-religious overtones.

(Tablescape inspired by THIS cult article from McSweeney's.)

After months of stale air, all you smell are leaves.

You only want to bake things that are dense, nutty and sweet.

(Lalo's cookies. Seriously good. Recipe HERE.)

You attack a box of yarn with your bare hands.

(Knit-your-own couture from Wool and the Gang. I want everything.)

It's time to get out your special cup. 
(For one like mine, Google "Enoch Wood teacup.")

Your life is squash, squash and more roasted squash.

It's the annual school glampout.
(El Capitan Canyon. Info HERE.)

The days get shorter and the shadows get longer.

(All photos by LBG.)


pve design said...

.....when my one pot meals are requested, osso bucco, freshly baked breads and candles seem to be lit earlier.

Ashley said...

Fall is my favorite season and I always wish it would last longer than it does. These snippets of your autumn are just gorgeous and put me in the best mood on a Monday morning.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"dense, nutty and sweet".
Sounds like me this morning.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I knew you would have some good ones! I want to be at your house! xx

So happy to hear that!

Bourbon and Pearls:
Do you want me to mail you some? Seriously. They're 69 cents each here.

Pamela Terry and Edward:
You are SOOO funny! xx

Lily said...

oh I love those tweedy Dickensian mornings of fall, with summer fading and Christmas looming! Your blog has always seemed to capture that magic parenthesis...

Heather Taylor said...

Fall is all of this plus a soundtrack of Joan Baez. Cozy, cozy, cozy!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Honed but UNPOLISHED (very important!) black granite.

cj said...

that was hilarious! And wouldn't you just know I was arranging some fall what nots on my table. Gave me some perspective.

Emily said...

Cans and cans of pure pumpkin purée in the pantry!

Notes From ABroad said...

this is perfect :)
We are spending our first Fall in the US in over 7 years so all of it is good and beautiful and smells nice too :)
Love the photos !

Dumbwit Tellher said...

No one has described fall more uniquely. Squash reminds me perfectly of fall. Sunflowers, apple cider and pumpkin spiced drinks. My only dislike is the lack of daylight hours and winter hasn't hit yet. Time to break out those wood scented candles!

Unknown said...

Loved the photos! Fall is awesome and your snippets of autumn are simply spectacular. They just reminded me of my holidays and my pleasant stay at Mayur Kolkata.

Thanks for this great post.

Unknown said...

wait, i ALWAYS want to bake things that are dense nutty and sweet :)) I live in perpetual autumn.


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