Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, To Be Cold Again

What's the weather been like where you are? Here in Los Angeles, we've been enduring our first real hot spell of the summer. By ten am, the air is dense with heat and if you're ill-disposed to the sun like me, you find yourself pining for refuge in the coolest, darkest room of the house with a thick book and an icy glass of sparkling water with crushed mint leaves and a slice of lime.

There is one thing that always gets me out of the house, however, and that's walking around the Hollywood Reservoir. (Early morning and dusk are particularly recommended.)
(All photos taken 6/30/13 by LBG.)

The Hollywood Reservoir is one of LA's most fabulous secrets. Most people have no idea it even exists. For the past eight years the 3.3 mile loop has been partially closed due to repairs from a massive mudstorm, but in April the entire path re-opened and oh, is it magical.

It's difficult to believe you're literally no more than a mile from the technicolor madness of Sunset Boulevard. Down below, the streets are clogged with star vans full of summer tourists jostling to take photos of Superman, Marilyn and Jack Sparrow impersonators.

But up here it's tranquility and birdsong.

Graceful arches span the bridge of the dam built by William Mulholland in 1924, and can you see the stone bear heads keeping a protective watch on the city below?

Every time I round this particular bend I say to myself, "Lisa, there is no possible way you can be in Hollywood right now." 

For information on opening hours and how to get there, click HERE.

For more super cool archive photos like the one below, click HERE.
 (View of the Hollywood Reservoir, 1928)



Hi Lisa,

Summer's on and off in London. So is my hay fever. It's a bit wintry again today. Then summer starts again tomorrow!

I'll definitely check out Hollywood Reservoir the next time I'm in LA. Or at least tell my friends who live close to the area. It's great to know you can find some place natural and quiet amidst the buzz of LA.

Hope you're having a good week :)

donna baker said...

I am surprised it's hot in LA. My berry crop was heavy with blackberries, then the steamy heat came and the crop is literally cooking on the vines. I wish I lived in CA during times like these, but in fact, the cold winter days don't thrill me either. How did farmer's deal with mother nature? Is it lush around the reservoir?

Jessica Thor-Miller said...

The heat here in Virginia is always oppressive mostly because it is accompanied by its pal, humidity. It makes everything unbearable.

I had no idea the reservoir existed and am envious of your proximity!


noreen said...

It's cool and rainy up by Lake Erie. Sweatshirts-in-the-evening weather. Hot food and hot coffee to keep the lake breeze from chilling us.

That place is lovely! I'll file it away for future travels. Happy 4th of July!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
'Reminds me of my 'secret' reservoir up here in the Bay Area; Crystal Springs. I've taken many a walk AND photos of this magic spot too! It's nestled along coastal hills between San Francisco and San Jose (Silicon Valley), and just heavenly!

By the way, congrats on the Huff article- you inspire me!

Gerry & Donna Garcia said...

Wow ... That's David Bowie on your pillow. I must say as a nearly lifelong fan I have never thought of him as home decor. A fun and surprising detail.

Unknown said...

Lisa, this walk looks incredible. I'm always amazed and impressed with the resources my favorite cities have to offer. I feel so lucky every time i walk the NYC version of your trail :)

Unknown said...

Farrow and Ball's Pigeon on the bedroom walls? Love the feel! I'm pondering the shade for my new south facing master bedroom, married to an orange & cream chinoiserie. I think there's enough light to handle the dark.

The black & white picture at the end reminds me of Chinatown :)


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