Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Won't You Join Me For A Cocktail?

I've never put those words into a headline before, but thanks to MK Collection, I can. :) They have invited me to be the guest of honor at their Thursday open house for Legends 2013: Past Present Future DesignAnd I would love to see you there!

May 9th, 2-5pm

MK Collection, 8629 Melrose Avenue, CA 90069  (310) 436-4995

Lively libations and fresh fare
(All photos by Joel Longnecker.)

Legends is part of the annual celebration of the La Cienega Design Quarter, the renowned style corridor along the intersection of La Cienega and Melrose Avenue. Every year, leading designers team up with showrooms to create fantasy windows and it's always so exciting to stroll the sidewalk and see what everyone has come up with.

Inspired by this year's theme of "Past, Present and Future," designer Hillary Thomas decorated the MK Collection window in the spirit of the WASPy jet-set glamour of the '50's and '60's as chronicled by Slim Aarons. Don't you just love it?

MK Collection is a brand-new kid on the block, geographically speaking, and their Melrose Avenue showroom offers rugs, trims and a beautiful fabric collection inspired by the far-flung travels of designer Melissa Kirkpatrick. 

Here, frequent visitor Kole lounges in a sybaritic stupor on a chair upholstered in "Midsummer Madness" in Turquoise/Lapis.

See you on Thursday, and please do come up and introduce yourself -- some of my favorite people are people who I've met through my blog!



Karena said...

Oh Lisa I really wish I could be there! What an exciting shop and event!

Art by Karena

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Would love to join you!
But I'm packing for Sussex. Heading to Charleston and Monks House on a Bloomsbury pilgrimage. Any tips?

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Pamela Terry and Edward:
How exciting! No tips other than SEE EVERYTHING. :)
I've never been to Monks House -- have the best time!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Karen Albert:
I wish you could be there too!

Slim Paley said...

I love Hillary Thomas' window and I wish I could join you for a cocktail!! If only Santa Barbara was just a wee bit closer to LA...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet you tomorrow! So happy you love the window :) Xo Hillary

Unknown said...

That doggy is adorable! So is the chair he is on. I want it!


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