Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Countdown: T(hanksgiving) minus 24

It's 24 hours until Thanksgiving.

Deep breath.

  (Moving picture by LBG. Created using Cinemagram app.)

If you're opening up your home tomorrow to friends and family, the biggest gift you can give to others is to go easy on yourself.

It's okay if the glasses and plates and napkins don't match.

It's okay if you run out of cranberry sauce.

It's okay if the pumpkin pie crust doesn't turn that perfect shade of tawny gold that you wanted it to.  

It's okay if  you put on a DVD for the kids so the adults can have a conversation.

It's okay if that certain someone you see once a year can't ever be un-annoying.

It's okay if someone spills onto your best tablecloth (that's what dry cleaners are for).

It's even okay if the turkey burns (that's what take-out is for).

(Photo by LBG, 2012.)

And if you're going to be a guest at someone else's house tomorrow, you're not off the hook either. 

Leave all issues and land mines at the front door.

Be gracious.

Be appreciative.

The art of conversation is super simple. It's just like tennis. If someone lobs a ball over to you, hit it back (with more than just a "Yes" or "No", please).

You can get along with anyone for one meal. Be kind.

Don't forget to praise the food and the effort it took to get it on the table.

Here's to all of us.

(Moving picture by LBG. Created using Cinemagram app.)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the moving champagne bubbles! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Cathi said...

Beautifully stated! Wishing you and your family Avery Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan B. said...

Here, here! And the moving pictures are fabulous. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wishing a Happy, Thankful day!
Much love to you!

Hey... there's bubbles in that picture!

Kelly said...

Great advice! As the host tomorrow, I think I'm fairly laid back about the small stuff. Now, if only some of my relatives could read your advice to guests, it'll all be great!

Anna Mavromatis said...

Perfect advise and so beautifully presented; thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandra Sallin said...

Cheers to you and yours!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful advice and a timely reminder.
Happy Thanksgiving

A Super Dilettante said...

Happy Thanksgiving my dear Lisa. It is so inspirational to read your posts. I've always felt transported to somewhere gentler, kinder and more creative realm everytime I read your words. I'm grateful that our paths have crossed. You are truly one of a kind sunbeam.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa and all the blog readers here! Yes, a grateful heart is the best! I'm grateful to you and all the lovely things you blog about!

wild thyme flowers said...

I'm with A Super Dilettante. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Veronica Roth said...

I'm reading this late so I'd like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and say that by now I hope your tummies are full of the most delicious turkey and all the rest and I can just imagine you've all rolled off the chair and onto the sofa and fell asleep. That's all as it should be. My love to you. :)

noreen said...

we did host, and it was lovely. your moving photos are charming. hope you enjoyed your time, too!

fragilante said...

It was a pleasure to spend time with you and yours last night. Now I can enjoy your Bloomsbury life... Trev.

Unknown said...

A great golden table! it looks as if champagne has to saty always there!=)
Where have you bought it?

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donna baker said...

Perfect post for the day.

Mystica said...

This is late but your advice is good for everyone at any time.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Caryl said...

Wow. You have discovered another medium--and
you are great at that too. I love the moving picture--
not for the gimmickry but for the beautiful composition
and colors AND the added trick value.


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