Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Empire State of Mind

O, Manahatta. You get me every time.
(New York City, 1942.
All photographs by the incredible Charles Cushman.
Click HERE to view his archive.)

Interesting things may be forming on the horizon.

Back in 36 hours.
Details to come.
As always, any good that happens is half owing to you.
So thank you.

Yours in Bloomsbury,



pve design said...

Time for a beverage?
Love a chance meeting.

helen tilston said...

Hello Lisa

I am guessing "your are going to be a star in NY" oops now I shall be singing that song all day.

On the subject of thanks, thank you for your blog.

Have I told you the reason I blog is because of you. Some years ago when I was consulting for Farrow & Ball a clients called in and wanted a colour you have featured in a post. I believe it was Charleston Blue. It was a bespoke colour of F&B and in the back and forth with the client, who kept singing your praises and telling me to please read your blog. She did not need to persuade me too much and one I read one of your blogs I was off. I followed only your blog for the longest time. Now I wish I kept not of the woman's name who sang your praises as she likely is a blogger and it would be so much fun to connect with her.
So Lisa on that not I wish you a great week.
Helen xx

yoan said...

Those pictures are astonishing! I was wondering what is like living in New York, especially in the 40s

Emily said...

Have a marvelous time in my very favorite city!
Have you read "Rules of Civility"?
NYC circa 1930's-and 40's.
Good read, especially all of the nods to great literature.

Lily said...

All the best to you for whatever adventure is brewing!

WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...

Wonderful photos! So evocative of such a different time! Good luck and watch out for EB White round some corner, waiting for you to immortalize him on a lovely needlepoint of the new yorker...

Blue Turtle said...

These are amazing pictures of New York. Thanks for sharing.

Jeavon @ Interior Design Pro

The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...

I hope Lady Liberty welcomed you with open arms! Can't wait to hear what is up your sleeve! Wishing you a lovely weekend, Cynthia

Slim Paley said...

Such wonderful photos.
Have a great time!

Bumble at home said...

You are a 'fave' love the books the style the outlook,maybe you can look at my blog about our house and garden and books and written by Bumble with whom I hope you will become smitten,best Janie Marshall


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