Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Vacations Are Important

If you ask me, travelling has very little to do with the destination. It's much more about the transformation that happens inside: shedding the stress, recharging your soul and discovering who you are.
(Camden, Maine, August 2011)

We all want to live a simple life. Most of us do not (myself included). But if we're lucky, we can visit places that remind us to keep striving for one.

* * * * *

Stage One: Letting Go
(Camden, Maine)

The lake was called Megunticook, the hideaway was called Crane Island and there was just one cottage on it, accessible by boat during daylight hours. When our friends invited us to come stay with them, there was only one possible answer.
(Crane Island, Maine. August 2011)

It was a strong-minded house, built of wood and stone, nestled in a thicket of pointed firs and positioned on the bow of the island like a figurehead on a ship.

Inside, the sofas were plaid, the rugs were braided and the walls were knotty. So delightfully quaint did it feel that if Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney had suddenly tripped into the room mid-song, no one would have batted an eye.

Every day was a reminder of how little you needed to be happy.

Water + fake mustaches = "Mom, that was the best day ever."

There was a long dock that could be used as -- take your pick -- a departure point for adventure or a meditation platform for lazing and gazing.

On our last night, we ate dinner cross-legged on the dock and talked until the sky became thoughtful with clouds.

The sun sank behind the trees, there was time for one final swim...

...and then the stars blinked on, illuminating the night with possibility.

Up next...
Stage Two: Venturing Out (Mill Valley, California)

(All photos by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.)


pve design said...

one does need to leave home to push the sort of proverbial "hold" button. I think we Americans should take August off.
Love Maine, Mussels, and moustaches.

Tricia said...

pve, I agree whole heartedly. The Europeans have it all over us as far as vacations are concerned. It is so important to charge the batteries. P.S. I fondly remember charging across the water in a motor boat from Dark Harbor to the Bay View Street Garage in Camden to dance the night away!

Lily said...

Lisa, I can't believe you went to Lake Megunticook! I spent a few magical summers there in a lobsterman's cabin with friends, splashing about in the cold water and cooking over campfires and telling stories... no electricity, just sheer old fashioned make up your own fun! And that seems terribly important these days, especially for kids. Glad you had such a marvelous time!

penelope said...

here's to taking august off! and i love what travel does for my kids' sense of self and their acceptance of the unfamiliar. open hearts, open minds.

jennifer said...

AHHHH. This year was the first in many that we did NOT take our family trip to Maine to see my dad who lives in Belfast, just up the bay from Camden.

Though it's a long drive for us (from Atlanta, GA) in a small car (5 people), I'm always reminded of the worthiness of the journey when we arrive. Next summer we are going!

DM said...

Gosh, can you believe I've never been to Maine? Growing up just a few hours from it? The places you miss that are so close, never cease to amaze me. This post was absolutely stunning and I wanted to jump inside the pictures like Mary Poppins and Bert.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

PVE and Tricia: Let's start a movement. :)

Lily: Of COURSE you've been there. I would expect nothing less. And a lobsterman's cabin -- how cool is that?! And yes, yes, making up your own fun is a sadly dwindling occupation these days, it seems.

Penelope: Hear, hear. xx

Jennifer: But you can "travel" just as far in your back garden, I think, don't you? It's really a state of mind.

It was my first trip to Maine and I LOVE that so many of you have been there -- it's like the Land that Time Forgot. :)

Daniel-Halifax: How I love your Mary Poppins and Bert imagery!!

Kate @ Savour Fare said...

We had a lovely trip this year but for a variety of reasons it did not feel like a vacation and I am not recharged. I think my soul needs a little Maine woods.

24 Corners said...

I'm still giggling, out loud mind you...over the moustachioed water boys...definitely another *framer*!
You described traveling's restorative powers so well. The idea of soaking in other atmospheres and allowing those places to renew and enhance our souls is what it's all about...and you've done this in spades Lisa...and it shows! I just loved the Americana feeling of this trip...vintage summer perfection.
And I'm with Patricia...August off should be manditory...sign me up!
xo J~

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa -

I love walking thru vacations with you!!

Continue, please, sharing in your wonderfully written LBG way!!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...
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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Do we know the same people?? We were just invited to Camden to stay with friends in October. House on a lake! Which lake, I don't know, but I cannot wait. Fair Isle jumpers and wellies! And is that fabulous book store still there?

Love the fake mustaches!

Fresh Garden said...

So true!
Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

debbie bailey said...

I need a vacation NOW, very badly! New premie, twin granddaughters, a son and daughter-in-law moving to Philadelphia for seminary, homeschooling a 13-year-old, a 26-year-old son out of work and moving back!

Michelle said...

This makes me think of "Country of the Pointed Firs" by Sarah Orne Jewitt. Looks like the perfect summer vacation!

Anonymous said...

how delicious!

especially the tranquil shots of boats and small people on the water.


_team gloria

helen tilston said...

Oh Lisa - you have found another "Yell". I am sure you could yell all you wanted on this island. The mustaches are hilarious. You son has a great sense of humour.
The feast on the dock looks delicious.
Wishing you a weekend full of joy
Helen xx

Bart Boehlert said...

Lisa - beautiful!
You are very bicoastal.
Love Maine -

A.U.G. said...

Lisa these captures are exceptional. A vaca is a must and the more esoteric (as you proved with your Marfa post)the more interesting and memorable.

Jennifer said...

What a truly lovely break from regular life... The photo of the boys, wind whipping through their hair, mustaches in all their glory, hints to me of 1980s adventure/drama programs. "Miami Vice" comes directly to mind--hilarious!

Emily said...


Kathleen Mullaney said...

Your children will know they will........this is the best you can give them.

Hels said...

water views, outdoor exercise, time to read, time to talk, eating dinner cross-legged on the dock out of big pots of fresh seafood... what more could a human being ask for?

vicki archer said...

Somehow these shots remind me of the film, 'On Golden Pond'....Such beautiful and evocative scenery....xv


I absoloutely love the fake moustache moment. That is the kind of moment that lives in your childhood memory forever! And if not, there are photos to prove it. :)

Blue Turtle said...

I agree with your point. And for me going to vacation is rewarding ourselves after months or years of hard work. We deserve this vacations.

J. Harp @ Italian Lamps

Irene said...

Hi Lisa,I loved reading your blog and this particular post. Beautiful moments. I shall now be a regular visitor! Enjoy life.

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