Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Trip: White Sands

If you were going to design picnic benches on Mars, you'd probably come up with something like this.

(White Sands National Park. Photo by Jeanne)

To recap: We had arrived in New Mexico from Arizona. My friend Martha had told us that sunset at White Sands was the time to be there and so we drove all day, arriving at the park an hour before magic time. Weatherwise, it was superglued at 106º.

Let me be honest.
I. Hate. Heat.

But I swear to you, when you're in White Sands, temperature loses all relevancy.

It's like you've entered some crazy cartoon world, surrounded by sixty foot mountains of granulated sugar as far as the eye can see.

The kids took off with their plastic sleds and I started snapping photos like I was David Bailey in "Blow-Up." "Over here!" "Okay -- now go for it!" "Yes, yes!" "That's it, darling!"

(Photo by Jeanne)

The sun slipped lower and suffused the landscape with ethereal reds and pinks. It was all very Sofia Coppola-ish.
But even photos don't capture the bliss of what it felt like to be there.

So hopefully this will:


24 Corners said...

I love the picnic benches...very Jetson-esque, but how in the world could you even *sit* on one of them? are they metal or plastic, must be metal, plastic would melt, bare legs beware I suppose!
The video was lovely and actually made me want to be there in that horrendous heat, getting sand down my shorts...what fun, the boys obviously loved it!
I thought I'd recognized Miss. both look very pretty, not wilted by the sun at all, must be the joy of adventure shining through, and also the delightful access to an air-conditioner!
Loved the music...
xo J~

DM said...

Gracious! I've always wanted to go..another amazing destination I need to see.

And Jeanne? As in Jeanne Tripplehorne?! I love her, and after seeing her as Jackie in 'Grey Gardens' I can see you as great kindred spirits!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

24 Corners: I knew someone would like the picnic benches. YES -- Jetsonian. You nailed it.

And thanks for the compliment. It must have been the "joy of adventure" shining through, because it really was 106 degrees! xx

Daniel-Halifax: I'll let her know. xx

helen tilston said...

Hello Lisa

Such fun and what a unique experience for all of you. White Sands National Park looks so surreal. I need to add it to my list.

The video is wonderful and really puts your faces and voices to the post.

Thank you also for those sunset shots.

You have carved such incredible memories in the minds of the Luca and his buddy.

Debra said...

What an adventure! You are making such precious memories for Luca. ... And Jeanne, is one of my very favorites! I must say again, what an adventure!

Paul said...

The video could be a Toyota ad. Are you secretly still working for Saatchi?

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

It really really was! xx

Paul: That is very funny. :) That car does seem to steal every shot it's in. In fact, I just printed a Blurb book of our trip and had to crop the car in several shots because it was such a camera hogger.

A.U.G. said...

Lisa what an incredible adventure. Thank you for sharing. You and J.T. look superbly exceptional!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Adorable! The kids and the sleds!
Thanks for brining smiles to I am sure everyone's faces!
I enjoy your blog very much!
Safe travels
Jamie Herzlinger

designchic said...

This looks so fun...adore the idea of of "sand sledding". After seeing the video, what's not to love, and who would think it was 106?!!

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Raulston: Thank you. The light was gorgeous at that moment -- it vanquished the beads of sweat that were pouring down our faces!

Jamie Herzlinger: Thank you so much for your lovely lovely words! xxx

designchic: Sand sledding is the new snowboarding. :)

Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Lisa - I want you to plan my vacations from here on out - looks like so much fun!

penelope said...

wait! i don't believe i saw YOU sliding down the sand! love that you used kevin shields' music with your video. it was all very nice.

Jenny Woolf said...

This is amazing. I do want to go here.

Jacqueline said...

It looks like you, Jeanne and the boys had a blast. But I have to agree with you -- I hate heat too (being Canadian, it's not generally a problem for me!) When I watched the video I felt kind of dizzy as I imagined what it must have felt like in that temperature!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Holy moly. It reminds me of Tatooine in Star Wars.
I would have to be covered up like a Bedouin.
Is it freezing after dark?

wild thyme flowers said...

Hey Lisa, looks like you had a "fantastical" journey. It's funny how we always think of sand dunes as only in very exotic places (Lawrence of Arabia...that sort of thing) when we have the most fabulous exotica and wilderness in our own backyard. Just back from a short break vacationing on the shores of Lake Ontario ! We are also lucky to have amazing sandunes at Sandbanks. Mind you we're not allowed to sled on them (fragile and protected) And I expect not nearly as steep and clearly not as big an area of sand.
Now, Marfa on the other hand......pray tell........

Claire said...

I love the picnic bench!
Gorgeous photos!

marla {Family Fresh Cooking} said...

I hate heat too, but dang this looks like a FUN trip. Love that picnic bench.


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