Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R & G Collective: It's A' Happenin'

Right now, in Brentwood, there is something very chic and buzzy going on that anyone with a love of design needs the immediate 411 on. It's a new pop-up shop called R & G Collective and it's my favorite place to hang out these days.
(All photos by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti)

Hollywood art director and set designer -- and longtime friends -- Andrea Gibbin and Wendy Riva have spent the last few months amassing one-of-a-kind gems from their recent travels to Syria, Morocco and other far-flung destinations. Think of it as your very own global bazaar, no visa required.

To help them in their exciting new venture, Wendy and Andrea have joined forces with wunderkind LA designer Nathan Turner and NY's fabulous Eric Hughes. Here's a glimpse of one of the rooms Nathan and Eric put together last weekend. Burlap walls, Indian dhurrie rugs, vintage maps and an exciting mix of heirlooms and treasures. Doesn't it make you long to sit down with a cup of strong Kenya coffee and a copy of Osa Johnson's "I Married Adventure" ?

This store window effortlessly captures the global mix-and-match sensibility that I so admire. A room shouldn't shout, "Look at how much money I cost!", it should whisper, "Come sit down next to me and let's have a great conversation."
Yesterday when I stopped by, Nathan was there on a brief break from filming his upcoming Bravo reality show, "Million Dollar Decorator" which was shooting literally around the corner. (It premieres in January.) He is so funny and interesting and charming that I have no doubt the show is going to be huge.
Macie Sears, the very fun owner of the uberchic Sears Peyton Gallery, was also there, and I fell in love with this painting by Clay Wagstaff called "Contrail #2."

Everywhere you turn, you can't help but elicit an involuntary "OMG." In this corner, you can spot textiles from Syria, leather ottomans from Morocco and even a stool covered in Peter Dunham's "Ikat " fabric.

I can't stop thinking about this cute mosque alarm clock that Wendy and Andrea found in Aleppo. The entrancing call to prayer on it (surprisingly loud, perfect for heavy-sleepers) reminds me exactly of waking up in Marrakech.

Andrea and Wendy are planning upcoming trunk sales from Minnie Mortimer, Soledad Twombly (whose striped caftan can be seen on the right) and cult handbag designer Clare Vivier (that's her leather tote hanging off the bench).

Here's the deets:

R & G Collective
11981 San Vicente Boulevard, Brentwood (near Saltair Avenue)
Mon-Sat 11-4pm
Through October and November only

See you there!

* * * * *
Editor's Update: Ah, the never-ceasing miracles of the internet. Within an hour of posting this, I received an email from Marcos in Italy who works for Oficina Inglesa and recently travelled to Damascus on a furniture shopping expedition. He was blown away by the talent of the Syrian furniture artisans who sculpt "each tiny piece of mother of pearl to fit the hand-carved wooden spaces." Here's a link to his fascinating short little video.

My goodness, Marcos. It makes me appreciate the detail in a piece like this in a whole new way.
(Syrian mother of pearl dresser, R & G Collective)


Unknown said...

Oh, I wish I could, looks wonderful but a little too far from London, NW3.

Laura said...

I have been itching to visit Syria...this mother of pearl work is giving me yet one more reason to plan a trip. What a gorgeous store! And how sad, but I've been obsessing over that Clare Vivier bag for ages on Spartan's website, but I had no idea she had loads of other fabulous styles! Those clutches are right up my alley.

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

I wish I could just hop there! Gorgeous.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Oh my goodness, make the beauty stop!
So much that's divine to delight the eye, but the mosque clock is slaying me this evening, as our local Arab grocer sells those by the truckload.
The Syrian inlaid work is certainly some of the best in the world, far superior to what I've shopped around for in Cairo.

Cheers and keep working the magic, Alcira

Dianne said...

How lucky you are to be able to just step in and browse now and then. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Charlotte Holmes said...

These are extraordinary photos--the vignettes look so bright and fresh, yet also warm and homey. Win-win!

donna baker said...

I can't believe that mosque clock. I would love to have it.

Anonymous said...

like that,those.

designchic said...

What a fabulous shop. Like traveling the globe without ever leaving home...

Emily said...

OH my heart is going pitter patter! I'm not sure what excites me more---all the lovely pictures or the idea of Nathan's new show! My DVR will be set for that one!

Karena said...

Lisa what a treasure trove!! LOve the mix and see several pieces I want.

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

Art by Karena

Megan Taylor said...

Oh I was just in the neighborhood while visiting my Fam in LA - I wish I had known about this when I was there - it looks like a must-see-happenin' -

Your pictures are luminous - I also LOVE Clare Vivier - Her 'la trop' is with me everyday -


Yiota Vlasiou said...

beautiful furniture,i have an antic chair like this,i wish i could travel so far,thanks anyway

homemade said...

Wow. That looks amazing. I am doing something similar in London at the moment called

I think this is the way forward. My husband in is LA at the moment so I will send him along.
Loving your blog as always.
Best wishes

furniture jepara said...

now I'm still living in my parents' house, but someday I want to make a new home and live with my wife. I really love it when I found this blog, because I dream of having a nice house interior design. this blog makes me inspired. Thank you very much

Sunday Taylor said...

I went by the pop-up store yesterday, it's right down the street from my house. So beautiful! Their collection of furniture, art, and accessories is just gorgeous. The window display is especially lovely. This space was the Mano gallery for many years. It was sad to see them go, and now I'm happy to see this vibrant and chic pop-up in its place. Wish it could stay. And I am a big fan of Clare Vivier's bags. Your photos are excellent.

Unknown said...

gosh- will i have to make a trip west of the 405?


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