Thursday, October 8, 2009

W Magazine, Part Three

Find out why I'm betting that two Welsh words with hardly any vowels will soon be a fixture in your design vocabulary.
(from George Smith's new line)

Hint: It's all about that chair fabric. Click HERE.


Rocio said...

Gorgeous fabric indded. Don´t ask me why, but it somehow reminds me of the tile decorations in Otto Wagner's "Villa Wagner", with the circles and squares relationship. Funny how the brain works
Smitten with the amazing colours of the kurta. You might enjoy My Marrakesh's posts on embroidered cloaks from Tajikistan and Yemen....exquisite workmanship.
Have a lovely weekend.

Angie Muresan said...

I can just see that chair in my (imaginary) mountain cabin. Those colors are my favorite for cozy ski weekends at the mountain.

Style Court said...

Tip O' the Hat Lisa! You're doing a great job over at W. And I love the previous post. Oh those yellow gloves.

home before dark said...

Love circles and squares. Love primitive patterns. But this colorway does not make my heart sing. And what it is about Welsh and the missing vowel thing? (My husband's family came from Wales long ago.) Maybe Vanna could sell them a few...a lot!

Anonymous said...

I adore Melin Tregwynt, my parents had a cottage in west Wales for years and I never went there without a trip to the mill. Even my daughters teddy had a MT blanket!

Val said...

Gosh talk about a trip down memory lane, when I went to college in North wales those blankets/bedspreads were standard issue for the college beds!
I remember walking with an elderly lady wearing a coat made from the same material (Circa the 80's out side the gates to Powy's castle of all places..I was walking my dog in the woodland and she was strolling there too) Gosh that brought back memories.


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