Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buon Compleanno

(Piero, San Francisco, 1970's)

It's the Divine Italian's birthday today. We've been together 17 years, married for 13, and I can truly say that every year keeps getting better. He's a veritable force of nature, as everyone who knows him can attest. 

Whether he's cycling up the Col de la Colombiere in the Alps...

(Piero, French Alps, 2008)

...telemark skiing down a mountain of untrammelled snow...

(Piero, Mammoth, 2007)

...or whipping up boeuf bourgignon for ten on a Sunday afternoon...

(Piero, home, 2008)

...he is fully present in each moment and has been instrumental in teaching me to slow down and enjoy the Campari. He is a seeker -- always curious, always looking forward, never backwards, always planning our next adventure. He's a wonderful father, a brilliant friend and he has the best laugh in the world. Ti amo, dude.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Happy Birthday to your Divine Italian!

I love how your love for him is so deep and true!

Anonymous said...

That must be the cutest picture I have ever seen from a boy that is NOT my child!
Tanti Auguri a te, Piero! Dopo aver letto le parole della tua moglie, sono anch'io, convinta che sei un "Divino Italiano"! Lisa Honey...aks your hubby for the translation. Have a great B-day all together, XXX, Carmie.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

please extend copious birthday wishes to your wonderful husband, from a huge fan of his delightful wife.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Simply Mel, C.T. and TartanScot: Thank you so much for your kind felicitations. The D.I. is tickled pink! xxx

pve design said...

One of my dear friends is married to a divine Italian too and he loves telling us stories when his english was not so good and he would just say, "I eat" - and of course he was not kidding...we laugh and love to dream of the b & b in Italy with fresh delights from their terraced garden.
birthday wishes to your divine italian - full of a beautiful life.

Mary said...

best wishes to your DI - life is good

Prairie Girl Studio said...

ahhh ... i am SO happy for you and your divine italian and i wish him and your entire family many years of ... well, divinity!
cheers ~

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

And many more!

Anonymous said...

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