Monday, April 13, 2009

Shiny Happy Things

Yesterday I took Luca to an Easter egg hunt. We arrived a couple of minutes early...and one day late. (I should have looked more closely at the Evite. Bad, bad mommy.) 

Then Piero arranged for us to meet some friends in Griffith Park in the afternoon. But everyone in California must have had the same idea because Hollywood traffic was at a virtual standstill, and that plan was cancelled too.

We returned home to ponder our next move. The Divine Italian suggested that he and Luca watch a movie together, which was his way of saying, "I shall be taking a nap on the couch." 

I felt a need to be productive. Ever since reading TartanScot's glorious post last Friday on the joys of silver, I've been jonesing to get a little tarnish on my hands. And so yesterday afternoon I booked some pieces into the The Kenmore Arms Spa for a little exfoliating scrub and body polish.  (By appointment only.)

The healing benefits were unmistakable.

Seriously, isn't my sugar and creamer set exuding total body confidence?

The pitcher gave off such a boastful shine that the monkey fell prey to a bout of insecurity.

And you have to admit that my tea set is working it. Watch your back, Derek Zoolander.

Did you all have a shiny Sunday?


Amy said...

Your tea set is definitely working it, but I must say that they're garnering some heady competition from your beautiful stack of books. Why must you tease us so with a mere glimpse of the spines?

Mary said...

Your pieces are beautiful...people think it's such a bother to have to handwash crystal and polish silver.....I think "how lucky am I to have these lovely things and have the day to stay home a clean them?" (Pretty funny about the egg hunt, Mommy it's comforting to know you're human)

pve design said...

Last week while at the Moma, I once again took great comfort in showing the objects of domesticity on display to my daughter. An Olivetti typewriter, a telephone with a rotary dial and some silver pieces that inspired me to bring on the polish. Also inspired by a few found hours from attending a book signing a day late. Nonetheless, pleasure is derived from merely a cup of tea, a lost hour found and a book. That and a good sleep never hurt anyone.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

LOL - you were supposed to wait for me before starting the polishing party.

seriously, there are few things more satisfying than cleaning the silver.

homemade said...

HI Lisa,
Thanks for your lovely comments, so exciting to be getting into blogland!
I love your silver tea set, who designed it?
It reminds me of David Mellor
Is it one of his designs? I would imagine Moma would have some of his work in their collection.
I recently bought his iconic 1950's silver tea service,a tea and coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl all on ebay and you have inspired me to photograph them and post about his work.

Laura said...

I love that tea set! Where on earth did you find it?

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Laura: My mother bought it in the 60's -- it's Reed and Barton. I love its sleek Scandinavian silhouette and use it as often as possible!

jezebel said...

Oh, gorgeous! I just polished all my silver last week. A particularly dingy, unremarkable spoon with a deep gash in it turned out to be monogrammed with my initials! It is my baby spoon from Tiffany that my mother dropped in a food processor. A perfect 30th birthday discovery.

Anonymous said...

Haha...that stunt with your son is so hilarious! Had to bring Stefan in the room to read that as well.

I love the silver shiny happy things a lot....I have vintage flea market second hand silver (not yet) shiny things. After the move...before X-mas ;-)) I'll be the one to polish them. So much looking forward to it...(not really of course).

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You are so correct. Your handsome little sugar and creamer look most pleased with themselves. And rightfully so.

We had a long walk during our gloriously shining Sunday. But alas, today is cold and cloudy once again!

Lee said...

The pitcher looks especially beautiful - a brilliant shine and bright flowers. What a combination! I love your shiny happy things.

A Super Dilettante said...

I'm loving your silver tea set. People don't drink out of their silver anymore these days. The flowers are beautiful. Remind me of Still life paintings of Ducan Grant & Vanessa Bell.

Athena Ballou said...

Lisa you are my hero! Your taste is impeccable and your house is so beautiful. XOXO Athena


I find that Bloggers seem to do things in sync. I have been polishing my silver gems too this past week (without knowing about all these posts) - this doesn't surprise me though - great minds think alike!

Susan's Snippets said...

Lisa - day was shiny and fulfilling! Both spiritually and stomach wise.

food went right to my thighs


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