Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shalom Y'All

Just returned home from the most magical trip to Israel.
(Yarmulkes in Jerusalem, June 2014.)

We rode camels in the Negev desert, walked with jaws dropped through the ancient stone city of Petra, pilgrimaged into Old Jerusalem, floated in the Dead Sea, explored the bottom of a three million year old crater and much more. 
(In retrospect, Luca and I probably shouldn't have been so close to the camel!)

While I was away, a lovely piece about my upcoming book "Novel Interiors" was posted on Tory Burch's blog. To say I am honored is an understatement --  a big thank you to editor Venessa Lau for interviewing me and writing the article. 
(Click HERE to read the interview.)

More very soon...I'm busy uploading photos and tussling with a fierce case of jet lag.


P.S. My friend Ione Skye just wrote a wonderful children's book called "My Yiddish Vacation" about her funny childhood experiences with her grandparents Ruth and Sammy in 1970's Florida. It's full of essential vocabulary words like "shvitz" which my son now uses as often as he can.

Luca: Mom, why are you shvitzing so much?
Me: Because it's ninety degrees and I'm lugging groceries. How about you put down your DS and help me?

 You can buy it HERE and read a great interview with Ione about it HERE.
(Jeanne Tripplehorn and me at Ione's book signing, June 2014.)


Hels said...

My son has an tourist agency in Israel with a partner in Jordan and a partner in Egypt. Two thirds of his groups fly into Tel Aviv from Anglo-Saxon countries and the rest from Europe, especially Eastern Europe. But they all say the same as you: they "rode camels in the Negev desert, walked with jaws dropped through the ancient stone city of Petra, pilgrimaged into Old Jerusalem, floated in the Dead Sea". Utterly stunning, isn't it?

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

How amazing that your son does that for a living! And the answer to your question is a resounding YES!

bindu priya said...

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Terra said...

A visit to the Holy Land is a great blessing. Years ago I visited Old Jerusalem, Gethsemene, Petra, camel races at Jericho and most memorably, I walked the Way of the Cross at Easter, I think it is also called the Via Dolorosa. Jesus walked those same streets as he preached and came to save us.

laura Madalene said...

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Karena Albert said...

What a wonderful trip to Israel and so much exciting happenings in your life Lisa. A blessing indeed!

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Linda said...

Well, my darling, you did manage to get in and out before the proverbial shit hit the fan. Good planning.

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