Monday, August 12, 2013

See the UK On Ten Dollars a Month

My Inner Voice: Explain to your readers where you've been.

Me: I've been in England.

My Inner Voice: No, you haven't.

Me: But I kind of have.

My Inner Voice: No, Lisa. You actually in point of fact have NOT.

Me: Fine. I'll explain.

I've discovered My Expat Network, the service that allows you to watch all your favorite UK shows from abroad. (Am I the only one who didn't know about this? Have you guys been holding out on me?)

(Click HERE to find out about it)

My friend Lucy told me about it last week and I've been a little bit (okay, a LOT) sidetracked ever since. For the longest time, I've been under the impression that it was impossible to stream the full breadth of UK television programming from overseas, mainly because when I try to do so on BBC's iPlayer, I get a message telling me I can't.

But not anymore.

It took all of three minutes to set up an account and get it working. And it's not expensive -- less than the price of two fancy coffees a month.

Download the program and  a red globe icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your computer. 

Click on it, and then click "Connect" on the pop-up menu, and the globe will change to green, at which point you can are free to watch whatever BBC programs you want.

So last week I went house-shopping for a traditional farmhouse in North Devon in "Escape to the Country."  (P.S. I found one.)


I let Raymond Blanc teach me a deliciously simple way to stir-fry a salad in his wonderful series, "How to Cook Well." (P.S. Raymond is fantastically enthusiastic and trés charming--even my husband was besotted.)  

I took a fascinating tour of the pleasure gardens of the Taj Mahal in "Around the World in 80 Gardens." (P.S. If you're horticulture-minded, this show will slay you.)

I got under the covers with Lucy Worsley to explore how the rise and fall of the royal bed has mirrored the rise and fall of the monarchy itself in "Tales from the Royal Bedchamber."   (Interesting tidbit: Chaucer weighs in.)

I found why trailer vacations have captured the hearts of generations of holidaymakers in  "Caravans: A British Love Affair." (Hint: It has to do with the allure of the open road.)

I went grocery shopping with Nigel Slater and learned easy ways to make delicious food every day of the week. (Hint: Buy what catches your eye and use a little creative thinking.)

I found out what artists do all day in "What Do Artists Do All Day?" (Hint: They are endlessly curious.)

Oh, the sheer joy of a discovery like this! You work hard all through the summer, you plug away at your projects and commitments, you don't take any time off to travel like you usually do, you steel yourself to deal with the dog days of August and then -- OUT OF THE BLUE -- something like this lands in your lap and makes you feel like you've been abroad since June.

Sure, it's summer and it's beautiful here in California and many people would rather be digging their toes into the sand in Malibu, or body surfing off Point Onofre, or driving up the Pacific Coast Highway on their way to a bed-and-breakfast in Ojai, but I honestly could not be happier sitting in my shady little dining room expanding my brain cells as the world unfolds before me. 

It's the little things!


Editor's Note: If you live outside the United States and would like to watch US shows, click HERE.  Also, Cameron from Canada emailed me to say he's a big fan of a similar service called Tunnelbear -- thank you, Cameron!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You are a wizard.
I was ranting only this weekend about missing my favourites! Pestering my husband about getting a Zone 2 Blue Ray, whatever the heck that is. And now... Nirvana!! Of course, the rest of my day... uh, maybe my month... is totally shot now. But I forgive you for that.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

You have to get into Psychobitches which was on Sky Arts - it is such a brilliant sketch show about historical female figures who have a theoretical session with a psychotherapist - the Bronte sisters and Mary Queen of Scots is brilliant!

mary said...

I remember seeing that caravan programme some years ago, it was delightful.

WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...

Oh so happy to hear about this!

Pimm's and Lemonade said...

OH WOW! OH WOW! OH WOW! And here I was getting all excited that I could get Sky News 24 hours a day via Apple TV.

I think I am going to faint with happiness.

A thousand thanks!

Unknown said...

I am obsessed with British cooking shows. So obsessed that I have often resorted to unscrupulous means in order to get a fix. Now, I can renounce my shady habits. Thanks for making an honest man out of me.

Lynne Rutter said...

THANK YOU for telling us about this!!! well, there goes my week.

donna baker said...

Is this through the computer? If so, I better get a softer chair. An abashed anglophile, I think I would probably watch this all the time and really get nothing done. I read about a show called Paradise on the telly in the UK that I would love to see.

Cait O'Connor said...

I would love to hear your recommendations for US shows that I might like - my taste seems similar to yours going by your UK pics. (I live in UK)

Miss Whistle said...

You rock with this Lisa. Seriously. Why didn't I figure this out before?
Much love to you. Big kisses.
bw xx

bronwen said...

Just to say I am beyond excited about this - so very much a fan of your blog and now this!!
Sending my thanks!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

So, you can watch our tv .... and hopefully, through that little link which you have shared, I will not be able to watch US tv from England! In the beginning I did feel that the internet might be a vast wasteland, how wrong was I? Minerva x

Emily said...

I'm so happy to know about this Lisa!
We no longer have "real" TV.
Only Netflix and Hulu Plus.
So, I think we need to add this too!
One question.....does this mean I can watch the next season of Downton Abbey when it really starts up again, and not wait till January 2014?

Pigtown*Design said...

I use Tunnelbear, where you can select the country you want to watch. I think it's currently UK, US and DE. I paid $50 for year's unlimited use and have certainly gotten my dollar's worth!

katy gilmore said...

Wow! Thank you Lisa!

Painting the hamptons said...

Does this mean that we can watch Downton Abbey "live" from GB before it premiers in the US?,?!?!?

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Lisa, I am so doing this. Hate that We couldn't see some of the wonderful programs! The ones you have here look like what I would love. I may be stuck to the couch forever. I'm with you- By now I'm a bit done with Summer and ready for the Fall!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing this - nothing better than a good British show on the Tele. Maybe now I can get my Gavin and Stacey fix.

Kristan Tetens said...

If you enjoy watching UK television programs this way, please consider sending a check for £145.50 to the BBC, which is the cost of the annual television license that every UK household must purchase to watch them live. This fee funds the TV, radio, and web services of the BBC and is, in fact, its primary source of income.

elaine said...

Lisa, your Union Jack flag is upside down! Shame on you. Kristan, many of us expats would willingly pay the BBC's licence fee and more. We have been waiting avidly for them to release the i-player on I Tunes as they have for Europe, Canada, etc. As it is we pay to subscribe to the awfully dumbed down BBC America on cable and buy old programs through Netflix. It's not a question of not paying but of not being able to get legal access. So please don't judge those of us who long for intelligent programs.

24 Corners said...

Oh, how wonderful it is to find a new obsession...nothing like it to stir up the creative pot when it's just at a simmer...thanks so much for sharing!
xo J~

Kristan Tetens said...

Elaine, I'm in no way judging anyone who longs for better television than what is usually slopped onto our plates here in the U.S. From what I've read on technology news websites, VPNs like My Expat Network and TunnelBear are perfectly legal. The BBC, however, sees them as enabling media piracy. My observation was meant to speak to the *ethics* of anonymously and freely accessing, through a back channel, a service that others pay for and which depends on licensing income to create the content we all love. The creators of entertainment content should be compensated, a view I'm sure Ms. Borgnes Giramonti, a content creator herself, would agree with. That irony is what sparked my first comment.

Christina Waschko said...

Ha,ha, a lot of tv watching going on in your home! I only knew about Netflix - thanks for the tip!

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*Chic Provence* said...

oooh nice, thanks so much for the info and tutorial... love the British tv... very cool Lisa!



*Chic Provence* said...

oooh nice, thanks so much for the info and tutorial... love the British tv... very cool Lisa!



*Chic Provence* said...

oooh nice, thanks so much for the info and tutorial... love the British tv... very cool Lisa!



annie patch said...

Hahaha! Lisa, you have very good taste! As I scrolled through your list, I thought "I've seen that ... and that ... and that ..." It turns out I've seen them all! However, I do happen to live in the UK! Enjoy your new-found programming! x

wow9gamer said...

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Jeanne Henriques said...

You are a dream come true Lisa...I had heard about this service but was not sure how to locate it. Mission accomplished. We lived in Surrey for three years before moving to Vietnam last year. To say I miss British TV is an understatement! Communist TV does not do the trick! The heavens above parted when I discovered Apple they will surely shine...

With thanks...

Jeanne :)


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