Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Book Deadline

It was real before, but now it's really real.
My manuscript is due in 60 days.

Writing it these last seven months has been like getting lost inside the most fascinating rabbit hole ever. 
But now it's time to think about finding my way out.
(Illustration by Katogi Mari)

So for the next two weeks, I need to take a blog break and buckle down.
Otherwise, my lovely kind editor at Random House will be sad and I don't want that.

You know what else I need?
Your positive energy.

Any comments, tips, or advice you care to toss my way?
I would be most grateful.



pve design said...

As Hemingway said - "Write drunk, edit sober"-
Tally ho lady, you will be just fine. Trust your instinct.
Get to work but have a spot of tea first.

pve design said...

Oh and it is a given that I shall be sending good Karma,

Unknown said...

Sending good thoughts and writing inspiration your way! Take frequent breaks and set a daily schedule. Can't wait to read your book!!! Toasting you from NYC.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

PVE and Dervla Kelly:
Thank you so much, ladies! xx

Lily said...

a brief siesta, a thimbleful of sherry, a quick seance to summon the spirits of Bloomsbury, and then be as ruthless as a conquistador as you finish your magnum opus!
We are all so looking forward to your book and sending many blessings...
xx Lily

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Good luck! Can't wait for your book.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Occasional breaks for biscuits and jam.
There's a new fabulous french fig jam at Whole Foods.
Sending many good wishes your way!

meribe said...

This arrived in my inbox this morning, Lisa. I'm passing it along because I believe that this is how things work: one person puts out a call for help ... another person receives an answer to that plea.


david said...

When I get bogged down writing, I go to another room, sit for 10-15 minutes while looking at an illustrated book--something quite different from which I am engaged--and, have some tea or quite possibly, have a one glass of champagne. Thank you for your witty blogs.

The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...

A brisk walk in the early am, write when the house is quiet, a glass of wine with dinner (that your husband made)and a good night's sleep. Oh, leave everything non-essential off of your to-do list - there will be time to have someone else do it for you when your book hits the bestsellers list! Sending you virtual hugs, Cynthia

Susan S said...

Anywhere you can sneak off to?

Unknown said...

Your faithful readers are excited about your future success, partly because your book is sure to be a delightful addition to their collections, full or charm and inspration and insights. But don't think of that as pressure; it's support! Go do a great job for all of us!

Fred K

Daniel Shigo said...

You won't have time for this, but a great book on writing is Pressfield's The War of Art. Got Resistance issues? He deals with that. It's all about turning 'pro' as he would say. That can mean getting up at the same time and going forth. You can do this. You will do this. And you will be opening champagne in a couple of months.

katy gilmore said...

Enjoy! Really - you are doing a great job. Hug your guys, get a good night's sleep, and finish it out! Best to you, Katy

Sandra Sallin said...

I have nothing to offer you but confidence that you can and will do it! You can huff and puff and blow that book away!

Good luck, we're all rooting for you.548 sess1n

Thérèse said...

Don't forget to take breaks, go for walks, look at the sky and breathe slowly while counting before going back inside... said...

I agree with all the comments, especially those encouraging taking some breaks. Not only will this give your mind a rest ( if u let it ), a break from the manuscript will give you new eyes to see what you have written & where it is going. So a break isn't even an indulgence, but a necesscity in the process of writing your gem!
All good energy your way!

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts and white light your way.
Start early morning, TAKE A DAY OFF! My daughter taught me that when she was studying the psychology of learning. It works.

Best of luck.

amydawnrose said...

when trying to finish my thesis i would set a daily goal of how many hours of work i wanted to accomplish. and then i would set my timer. i would take breaks and such, but these did not figure in the daily goal. sometimes it would take me 8 hours to do 4 hours of work! best of luck and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Remy said...

I'm sending you truck loads of positive energy!
If you need me to deliver care package/food/flowers/teabags/chocolate/ to your door to help consider it done.
So proud of you and can't wait to see the finished book.

Remy said...

PS Lisa - the comment name is Rémy but it's me Lucy x

Emily said...

I am currently reading a Persephone book "Someone at a Distance" (thanks to a recommendation from a friend who took my advice and searched your blog before recently going to London). As I read this most wonderful book, I can see how you have formed the whole premise of your book. It excites me to know end!!
Remember why you are doing this. It is because you have a strong love of fine literature, and it inspires how you live your life.
As Glenda the good witch said " You 've always had the power my dear. You've had it all along"
It's all in that creative soul of yours Lisa, because it is who you are!

ASL said...

I stand in line for your book!
lisa from japan

Unknown said...

Hello, Lisa. If the pressure feels intense in the early morning, listen to a favorite wordless piece of music (or a song with lyrics that you can't translate). That advice comes from a loose translation of Rumi, but it's worked for me many times

You have lots of experience writing for deadlines -- both self-imposed deadlines and those set by others. Try not to dismiss that history of success.

You know what you need to do -- and how you work best. Your decision to break from blogging while you finish your ms is one example of your efforts to meet the deadline.

You can be sure that I'll be sending good thoughts to you.

- Elliot in Minnesota

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

There is so much fantastic information here. I am seriously touched. xxx

Painting the hamptons said...

You can do it! Sending good thoughts and best wishes!

Rosaria Williams said...

What an exciting time! Fortify yourself with great snacks, long breaks with long walks, and work until you are hungry for a fabulous dinner somewhere where the chef knows exactly what mood to create for you.

svonhahn said...

Lisa- Stay strong! I know what it's like being in solitary writing mode, currently working on my grad school thesis, so I feel your pain. Just make a point to take breaks with friends and family to feel more human! Take care!

teamgloria said...

most exciting!!

sending lots of early mornings and cups of coffee and imagination and stamina.

that's what we've been doing over here, finishing up the novel with the encouragement of the Advance and the Contract for the first book (out in January, Hay House)

hurrah for writing.

Epic Thread said...

Good luck with the finish!

Jillian -

Sarah Greenman said...

Happy writing! xo


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