Monday, February 27, 2012

Did You Win?

Commenter # 25:

Blogger Steph said...

Thanks for the inspiration Lisa. Life is change, and I think you have a fantastic book in you based on your talk for your next act. I am having a second baby in the next two weeks, so the book you contributed to sounds phenomenal - and very pertinent!

Commenter # 29:

Blogger said...

New to Bloomsbury life..and loving it...Glad for your Act three....I am on Act Three as well. Trial lawyer in NYC, stay at Home mom in LA. Now stay at home mom with a shop on Etsy - My Soulful husband calls me an e-commerce entrepreneur....I say I am crafty....but what with it all? Love to read the book!

Commenter #7:

Blogger ellen said...

Seems like my little world is telling me something...lots of signs that I just can't ignore. Would love to read this inspiring book to push me over the reinvention! Love your blog - always a highlight when I see you've posted something new!

A big thank you to everyone who entered... I wish I could have given away 60 books!

Steph, Kelly and Ellen: Please email me (click on the "About Me" link) your addresses and we'll get your books out to you asap.

FYI: You should ALL know that Jennifer Pate and Barbara Machen were so overwhelmed by your personal stories and wise words that they forwarded your comments on to their publishers and publicity team, and would like to thank you for being such an inspiration to them!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The random drawing was generated from the 60 entries I received by February 27th at 6am. (Apologies, House of Hemingway, you know I adore you.)

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