Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sew Occupied

Yesterday I dropped off Luca at school, went to Barry's Bootcamp (Chest and Abs), ate lunch, showered, and spent the rest of the day and night making this.
(Study for "Occupy Soho House", 2011.
Thread on canvas, machine-sewn, approx. 8" by 13".)

A few weeks ago, I bought a Bernina sewing machine in order to teach myself free machine embroidery. I want to explore elements like size and scale which are impossible if you are restricted to only sewing by hand.

It would have taken me weeks to hand-sew what I did by machine yesterday.
(detail, "Occupy Soho House")

(detail, "Occupy Soho House")

(detail, "Occupy Soho House")

I feel the stirrings of a major love affair with my machine growing within me.
More to come.

*A big shout-out to my friend Matti Leshem whose funny photo on Facebook became the title of this piece.


pve design said...

Really, you are sew amazing with a needle, a thread and now a bernina!

24 Corners said...

I thought this was an ink drawing at first...I'm floored that it's thread, very impressive!
Looking forward to seeing what other creative notions you and your new friend Bernina will occupy yourselves with...I just know you two are going to have sew much fun together!
xo J~

Lily said...

This may be the first piece of Elizabethan Punk Embroidery I've ever seen! It look like an edgy illustration of a Chaucer tale... and also reminds me of the interpretation Ralph Steadman did via his drawings of Alice in Wonderland. So cool! You are indeed a woman of many talents...

The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...
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The Buzz Blog @ Diane James Home said...

(My apologies - the former comment was deleted due to poor spelling... I'll try again!)

What an amazing piece so full of humourous details! You put all of us two-left-thimbles to shame - I can't even sew the patches on my boys' scout uniforms!

helen tilston said...

Lisa - you continue to amaze me by your constant learning. This is beautiful work and no doubt you sketched well before commencing.
I love it

k said...

Do tell- which Bernina are you using for this amazing sewing???I have an old 830 and have not yet entered the free hand embroidery universe. So wonderful!

Unknown said...

You are a magician with any needle...
It must be wicked fun!

xoxo V.

Olga Woltman said...

Do you sketch on fabric first? I like that it is black on white, makes it more arty rather than crafty. Composition sort of reminded me of Last Supper, awesome!

Emily said...

Was this your first attempt? Amazing!!!
You really are a Modern Victorian!
Hope you got my email....

Lucindaville said...

I have always wanted a Bernina, but unlike you, have no real talent for it.

Laura said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this! My husband, an avowed socialist, is all about the Wall Street folks that are camped out down the street from us, but would never let his beloved Soho House membership go. Don't suppose I could convince you to sell this one so I could give it to him as a Christmas present?

Slim Paley said...

So funny!!
"Elizabethan Punk Embroidery" Yes!! love.


Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Laura (What I Like):
That one has sold already, but I am doing a limited series of them. Email me for info.

Thank you to everyone who responded positively to my new piece. Your words mean a lot to this "spinster at heart!" xx

Once again you are prescient -- that is exactly what I was going for! I was also influenced by the 18 century caricatures of James Gillray, Isaac Cruikshank and Thomas Rowlandson.

Kate @ Savour Fare said...

Very Hogarthian, Lisa. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing machine! Can't wait to see everything you create!
xo E + J

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A Super Dilettante said...

My dear Lisa, I really admired your skill and craftsmanship. I can imagine the amount of time, care and skill went into this work of art. After reading this post, I took out one of the books written by my domestic goddess, Joan Wolfenden yesterday evening. She wrote a fabulous book on sewing (as per her usual style handwritten and illustrated) called Joan Wolfenden's The Satisfaction of Stitchery. I highly recommend this book to you as I'm sure that you will find hours of pleasure from reading Joan's books as much as I do. One would never need to dread about long, gloomy winter nights again as long as one has got Joan's books...

Anonymous said...

oh! lisa! your blog is so totally delicious - we are so happy we remembered to drop in during a few idle (well, not officially meant to be idle but we needed a wee break) moments at bags (post above) and the #occupysohohouse - priceless!

and at the mention of farrow and ball, we always swoon.

blue ground is the most celestial blue EVER.

hope you're having a mellow day and enjoying a sweet cup of tea in sight of some pale lemon yellow roses and perhaps the Hollywood sign.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Great array of wonderful merchandise! And so clever! Have a great weekend! Xx Jamie Herzlinger

Unknown said...

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