Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am Love

I have been waiting with a fervor of impatience to see "I am Love", the new film directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Tilda Swinton, and it's finally arrived at a cinema near me. You can bet that as soon as I drop my son off at camp tomorrow morning, I'm going to check the showtimes and rearrange my day to fit in a screening.

If you haven't heard about "I am Love" yet, here's why you'll want to add it to your list:

1. It stars Tilda Swinton. Her unconventional beauty hypnotizes me. Plus, I love that in real life she is an unapologetic iconoclast who lives life on her own terms.

She looks especially fabulous in this movie, don't you think? (The costumes were designed by Fendi and Jil Sander.)

2. An intriguing glimpse into the world of power and privilege among the Milanese aristocracy. Think "Vanity Fair: The Italian Edition."

3. Enough opulent, painterly interiors to satisfy even the most design-minded aesthete. (Hamish Bowles, do you need some smelling salts?)

4. An abundance of passion and romance, both in the plot (no secrets revealed)...

...and the food scenes, which were supervised by Carlo Cracco, the renowned chef of Ristorante Cracco in Milan. Apparently, some were inspired by the animated film "Ratatouille" (how funny/fabulous is that?)

No less than The New York Times called this seductive dinner scene "prawnography."

5. And of course, everywhere you look, the operatic beauty of Italy.

If you need more convincing, the movie trailer will take you over the edge. See it HERE.


Postscript: I saw it yesterday. What did I think?

Complex, beautiful and haunting....Tilda is possessed with an alien beauty....John Adams' soundtrack is revelatory....The scenes of interior life -- especially the ones with the household staff -- play like a Milanese "Gosford Park".... It's not a perfect film, but one so ambitious and filled with so many lovely lingering moments that the occasional off-notes don't much signify.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I am SO looking forward to seeing this film- I agree- her unconventional beauty is captivating! said...

Saw this last night - superb. Adams's music was also an integral component.

Dash said...

I can't wait to see this film.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have been drooling over this trailer for months. It just opened here this weekend, and I am definitely going. Tilda is amazing. I have read that she possesses one "husband" for home, and one for traveling. That makes me grin.

Megan Taylor said...


First of all, my mom did tell me that the two of you met! She is ever so grateful for all of your suggestions for her trip...I believe she just popped into Persephone. From what she's told me, they're having a beautiful time and will have much to report...

Also, I saw "I Am Love" Saturday night and, oh dear, not only did it twist my heart in every which way and reach a stylistic summit of cinema, but it is quite blog-worthy, of course.

On Tilda: a while back I heard she took multiple "lovers"...of course she does, she's so liberated and free. Then, a friend and I were flipping through a post-Oscars magazine and there she was, looking fierce in that no-nonsense way. I quickly commented: "You know, she's polymorphous." My friend shot me a look, with widely confused eyes: "She changes SHAPE!!?" We had a doubled over laughing fit before I corrected myself, with the right word! We still talk about it to this day, even when we saw the movie and during the hours of debriefing to follow.

THEN: the next morning, Tilda was on NPR's Weekend Edition. I didn't hear it all of it, but supposedly the film was reviewed in one way or another, and the critic described Tilda as it comes..."shape-shifter." I mean, really, isn't she...

Thought you might enjoy that mis-play on words. Hope you had a lovely holiday,

xo, Megan.

Terra said...

Tilda is a wonderful actress, I agree, and now I am intrigued with this movie and wonder when it will play locally. Thanks for drawing me in. I just reread Ruth Reichl's Comfort Me With Apples, which this review somehow remind me of.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I am literally dying to see this movie and it likely won't show in my smaller city, but well worth a drive across the border to see it I am sure. I think her unconventional beauty is far more interesting.

donna baker said...

The movie looks wonderful...I wonder if it will ever come to my little town. Hopefully, HBO or something like that. I still love ORLANDO.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I've heard disappointing reviews. But when has that stopped me from anything? It looks the sort of movie that I'd like to project on a large wall and leave running as background to the day.

Susan B. said...

Please tell us how it is! I saw a poster for it in the city the other day and just knowing Tilda is in it, makes me want to see it. Then to have it take place in Italy and feature "prawnography" - enough said. I hope to see it soon.

L.P. said...

I'm a big Tilda fan, and those pictures look gorgeous-- really looking forward to seeing this movie!

DM said...

This movie couldn't have come out soon enough.

My favorite, Marisa Berenson, also has a role!

Slim Paley said...

I'm SO there.
I haven't been this excited since I found pub-style English pork rinds Stateside.

Happy day after 4th!


Debra said...

I have been waiting and waiting. It's just not here quite yet. Would love to know how you liked it! I've heard the music is lovely and now I'm going to go on a search- I'll travel to see something splendid! This may even be one to own!

helen tilston said...

Can't wait to see it. I feel when a beautiful country such as Italy is featured in a movie, it is like having an additional star.
As an aside Lisa - I feel you will thoroughly enjoy a new book I just read, called Ghost Light by Joseph O'Connor - it is Booker Prize material. (Incidentally Joseph O Connor is Sinead's brother - though there is no reference to this in his book) Some families have seriously talented artists
Helen Tilston

LilyBart said...

I, too, had been waiting for this movie, and was finally able to see it this weekend. Sorry to report that I was disappointed. There was a good story there, I think, but it was not told well. My husband thought too many of the characters were two-dimensional - and other characters not very well developed, including Tilda Swinton's character. I think its hard for me to put my finger on what I found lacking, but, I found that the story moved too slowly and they wasted precious time that could have been used to develop the story and the characters.

The visuals were at times amazing. The music was dramatic. Tilda Swinton was wonderful - a highlight of the film.

Emily said...

I have been so eager to see this movie! Loved Megan's story. Too funny! Anyway, I will be seeing it once things settle down for me. I've just been swamped with summer, but I will be going. Wouldn't miss it!!!

wild thyme flowers said...

Hi Lisa, oooh can't wait to see this. Not coming to my part of the world until July 16 though it did screen at the Toronto Film Festival last September. Isn't Tilda Swinton fantastic ? I'm fascinated by her.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

all that AND the music too! I adored this movie and plan on seeing it again with a friend this week. Once was not enough.
Seriously though -the powerful ending with the music so loud you want to cover your ears but never want it to stop -then SILENCE.
fucking brilliant. said...

i saw this yesterday - i won't give too much away but i will say the costumes and mise en scene were AMAZING... Milan is tooooo lovely

Karena said...

I adore her,and I will definitely see the film, bad review or not!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

My 5 senses are in love.
that haircut has my head spinning.

Anonymous said...
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Reggie Darling said...

This looks to be an instant classic. I am very much looking forward to seeing it. Reggie

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I find her so captivating too! It's on my list. I am always more drawn to those actors who are beautiful in more natural or unconventional ways and far less...dare I say plastic!?

A Super Dilettante said...

My dear, I love, love this film very much. It's all about the beauty, glamour and elegance which only Italians could pull off in an effortless manner. I was very disappointed with the ending which I won't say why because some people who are reading the post might not have seen this film and I don't want it to spoil it. I do love the scene where she went out shopping in her tangarine orange trousers! Simply fabulous and stylish!!

Anonymous said...

I know Milan inside out, the lakes and the opulent places just as I know of the "more modest" sides of Milan that you don't get to see in films.

I am telling you everything you said rings bells ---in my mind and heart.

I like this actress. She is extra - ordinary.

About seeing the film: When you know a place so much, you are afraid of disappointment or how to call it, frustration..because you have expectations, you have learned to filter everything you saw and lived in your own personal way..but who am I kidding?

I will watch the film!!!

modernhaus said...

I've been hearing/reading about the costume design and interior styling for what seems like aeons, so I can't wait to see it. And nearly anything Tilda Swinton touches is gold.

modernhaus said...

I've been hearing/reading about the costume design and interior styling for what seems like aeons, so I can't wait to see it. And nearly anything Tilda Swinton touches is gold.

Vanya Wilkinson said...

Thank you so much for the heads up Lisa, I had never heard of it! Ah the joys of living at the bottom of the world ;)

I am absolutely transfixed by the trailer, seriously can't wait to see the whole thing!!!!

Hope all is well with you in sunny CA

:) V

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I so want to see if only to soak in the fashion and scenery & of course the 'prawnography'! Thank you Lisa for posting more about this intriguing film. I cannot wait. Hope your 4th was a good one?

Amy said...

Speaking of movies....(rather than books)
Can you make a list of favorites?? I bet you have a treasure trove of good pics, new and old.

Rent Bella, I just saw the dvd last night. You'd like it, I think.

Susan B. said...

Hi Lisa,

I saw the film yesterday and I completely agree with your summary: complex, beautiful and haunting. What a chameleon Tilda is! I also loved the scenes behind "the scenes" of the family. I'm so glad I went!

Enjoy the weekend!


...m... said...

Thank you!! Could have been ROOTS: The Milan Fashion Week Connection??

Anonymous said...

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Cat Sitter in the City said...

I am going to Italy in September for two glorious weeks. I have to see this film before I go!

Various and Sunday said...

I loved it! Quite steamy, and I adored the style, the interiors, Tilda!, and all the rest.

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