Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thinking of India

...of the beautiful mothers with their liquid brown eyes......of the slum children who raced alongside our van through the small villages......of the holy sadhu who sat by the side of the road crocheting bags for tourists...
...of the school children who practiced their English on us and asked if they could be in our photographs...
...of the train porter who insisted on carrying my 100-pound suitcase on his head...
...of the serene little boy who sat by the steps of the Ganges and prayed...
...of the barefoot toddler who wandered the streets of Rishikesh by herself, uncowed and unafraid...
...if I could take a jet plane back there tomorrow, I would.  

(Credits:  All photos taken by me with my Nikon D40, the digital camera that changed my life.)


Colour Me Happy said...

Such beautiful photos, I would love to go there! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Gaurav Singh said...
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Gaurav Singh said...

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