Sunday, October 12, 2008

My big fat French obsessions

There it is in all its glory.  The coolest gum in France.  When we were in Normandy this summer with our great gaggle of friends and their children (from here on to be referred to as "The Patch"), we always had this on hand.  However...having a wad of gum in your mouth when you're in Europe is one of those crass American behaviors you're best off avoiding,  so we kept our chewing confined to the perimeter of the house.  But I love the design.  The pop art colors, the big round container, the comic book-like font.

We had another guilty pleasure (see below).  Our nightly aperitif -- adults only, of course.  And before you pooh-pooh it, may I just say that the salty crunch of the oh-so-sophisticated Chipster mingled with the icy sweetness of a chilly B on ice is not to be sniffed at.  

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